Ramadan Release

Japanese Musel- journo  released in Afghanistan….

AIP said the journalist was released because he is a Muslim and his captors wanted him to celebrate Eid, the Islamic festival at the end of Ramadan, with his family.   (Japan Times)

French teacher suspended for teaching ‘too much’ Holocaust

A Jewish teacher in France has been suspended for spending too much time teaching her charges about the Holocaust. The school authorities say that her focus on the issue violates the principle of laïcité as it applies to education. (J’Post)

Looks like France is turning into another Iran:

Islamization of Paris Gets Obvious: What happens if you move every time Muslims give you a push? You end up with Paris. Via CBN News:

Will Feiz Mohammed be charged at all?

Any day now he’ll be charged like a Christian

Of course, he will be investigated soon and – if the allegation is true – charged with incitement to violence, surely:

A CONTROVERSIAL Australian Muslim preacher, Feiz Mohammad, has refused to comment on reports he called for the beheading of the Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders, as Muslim leaders in Sydney condemned his comments.

Sheikh Feiz yesterday declined to confirm or deny to the Herald that he made the threat that anyone who ‘’mocks, laughs or degrades Islam’’ like Mr Wilders should be executed ‘’by chopping off his head’’ in a speech at a sermon in Campbelltown last week.

However, senior Muslim sources said there was some doubt whether the speech, which has been posted on the internet, was made in Sydney or in Malaysia several years ago…

Sheik Feiz was investigated after the discovery of DVDs of his sermons in which he urged children to become holy warriors and made derogatory comments about Jews.

He was also condemned for a speech in Bankstown in 2005 when he said a rape victim had no one to blame but herself for wearing ‘’satanic skirts’’.

Sheik Feiz left Australia later that year and has spent the intervening years living and studying in Malaysia and Lebanon. He is believed to have returned to Australia this year.

And still freely preaching, while Christians are hauled up on far-fetched allegations of hate-preaching, sometimes thanks in part to plots by discrimination commissars?

Meanwhile, a refresher on the views of the Sheik:

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