Sharia Rules!

Outraged Wacademic of the Day: Anti-Islamic Propaganda at Football Games Must End! (Michelle Malkin)

At least in the view of a dhimmi “University Academic Professional” at the University of Illinois. “Block-I chant portrays ‘neither patriotism nor remembrance,'” by David Green, “University Academic Professional,” in the Daily Illini (Atlas)

Michigan Muslims Want Charges Against Quran Burner for ‘Tremendous Grief and Pain’… (RoP)

But there is no law in the US of A against Koran burning. Muslims are getting increasingly desperate to change that….

UK: Six men arrested for burning Qur’ans

(different strokes for different folks. The UK has long gone down in dhimmitude… in fact: once great Britain is firmly in the grip of sharia:

Diana West: British men in tea towels burning a Koran

Take a wild guess who’s striking the bigger blow for liberty — the women voting under the sharia-supreme Afghan constitution, or the men symbolically destroying the original sharia law book.

Maryland: Muslims whine about “Islamophobia,” refuse to address jihad terrorism and Islamic supremacism

There is a cure….

Washington state: Muslim inmates suing jail, saying they’re prevented from practicing their religion

Footbaths, call to prayer, freshly laundered kaftans, skullcaps anybody? Fresh, untouched Koran’s untouched by kafir hands?

Islamic accommodations in Washington state jails: Power plays and priorities

Additional thoughts on this story:

Regarding uniforms, and Muslim inmates’ complains about bans on “certain religious clothing”: Of all places, the social equalizer that uniforms provide is essential to attempting to keep the peace in a jail. The last thing one ought to want in a place where no one wants to be, but they all got there for a reason, is the emergence of a visibly privileged class to stir the pot.

One must wonder what the specific grievance is: no skullcaps? When did they become a pillar of Islam? Or, are the pants too long, trailing on the ground in a most un-Sunnah way? Either way, one returns to the fundamental purpose of having uniforms in the first place.

Regarding food: While Muslim inmates are not offered pork, the most likely remaining grievance here is that the rest of the meat on the menu is (gasp!) not halal. They could go for any variety of vegetarianism, which would certainly not be unheard of in Western Washington, but who should have to do that when you’re just so special? A more vegetarian diet would be the non-obstructive way to go, while the name of the game here is this: Being Seen While Being Muslim.  (Islamic accommodations/JW)

Perhaps the solution is to give them some animals to practice their skillz:

Mohammedans having fun killing  a cow…..

Egypt: Copts see Muslims gearing up for mass violence against Christians

Gotta get them Christians when they’re down:  under Sharia law  non-Muslims have no right to defend themselves when they are being abused, plundered, and murdered systematically.

Serious provocations to “sectarian violence” –– i.e., jihad. “Egyptian Coptic Church Accused of Stockpiling Weapons,” by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA, September 21 (JW)

(AINA) — A new wave of defamation by Islamists against Coptic Pope Shenouda III and the Coptic Church is seen by many observers as a serious provocation to sectarian violence against the Copts, and the possibility of Egypt being dragged into civil war.

On September 15, Qatar-owned Al-Jezirah TV broadcast a program called Without Limits, presented by moderator Ahmad Mansour, who hosted the Islamist Dr. Selim el-Awah, former Secretary-General of the World Council of Muslim Scholars, which has stunned and enraged Copts inside and outside of Egypt. “El-Awah is simply threatening Copts that the forthcoming chaos after Mubarak dies will see mass violence against the Copts,” says Magdy Khalil, Coptic activist and head of Middle East Freedom Forum.

The program alleged the Church has its own militia and hides weapons and ammunition in monasteries and churches, preparing for a war “against the Muslims.” el-Awah said that “Israel is in the heart of the Coptic Cause,” and the Church gets weapons from Israel. He cited as evidence an incident in mid-August, in which the son of a priest in Port Said, Mr. Joseph El-Gabalawy, was falsely accused of importing weapons from Israel. Although he was cleared of charges and released, as the imported goods were children’s fireworks from China and did not belong to him, he is still detained by State Security.

The television program also charged the Church of concealing Muslim converts to Christianity, besides abducting and torturing Christian converts to Islam. Out of the thousands of Christian woman who converted to Islam, willingly or unwillingly, el-Awah mentioned only two wives of priests whom he claimed converted to Islam and consequently were imprisoned in monasteries, Wafa Constantine and Mary Abdallah. Speaking on the latest crisis over Camelia Shehata, about whom Muslims fabricated rumors of her conversion to Islam, he said that she never converted to Islam and was handed over by State Security to her two married sisters (AINA 11-1-2015).

The nearly two-hour program went on to accuse the Coptic Church of being a “State within the Egyptian State,” allegedly taking advantage of the weakness of the present regime, behaving as if it is above the law. The Church was also accused of making an “inheritance” deal with the regime to support President Mubarak’s son in succeeding his father as president in exchange for benefits.

Selim el-Awah said that ever since Pope Shenouda came out of detention, having been banished to a desert monastery by the late President Sadat in 1981 and released by President Mubarak in 1982, there has been “scientific preparation” to demand the division of Egypt into a Muslim State and a Coptic secular State”

He warned that if the status of the Church remains as such, the “country will burn” and called on Muslims to go out in demonstrations as the “only answer left to counteract the strength of the Church.” He said “If they go out to the streets, who can control them?”

“For the first time since the establishment of the State of Israel,” says Magdy Khalil, “someone has accused the Coptic Church of stockpiling weapons from Israel as a prelude to waging war on Muslims, claiming that Israel is at the heart of the Coptic issue.” […]

A Muslim demonstration is called for Friday September 24, in Alexandria demanding the disposal of Pope Shenouda III.

Khalil recollects similar circumstances taking place at the end of the seventies when rumors circulated about a plan by Pope Shenouda to establish a Coptic state in the Upper Egyptian Province of Assiut, and about the storage of weapons in monasteries, “those rumors were justifications for a series of attacks against the Copts over decades,” he said.

He believes that this dangerous talk by Dr. el-Awah is an introduction to the destruction of the Copts in the event of a the outbreak of chaos in Egypt after Mubarak’s death. “It will not be like what happened in the seventies, but it could evolve to become like the Armenian genocide that occurred in Turkey in 1915,” said Khalil.

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  1. The politicised dhimmi attitude of the British police has not only resulted in the arrest of six innocent men this week for burning copies of the Qur’an, but also in an attempt by the Leicestershire Constabulary to ban an EDL demonstration. Why? Well, they have fabricated the ludicrous claim (er, sorry, ‘intelligence’) that the EDL is planning to attack a mosque in Leicester on 9 October. More on the story here:

  2. “Egyptian Coptic Church Accused of Stockpiling Weapons,” by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA, September 21 (JW)

    I do so wish that was true.

  3. The R word is openly mentioned.

    TV Talk: Sarrazin Makes Waves Even In Austria

    On the ORF 2 talk show “Club 2,” the subject of Sarrazin was raised here yesterday. Udo Ulfkotte clearly and precisely answered the question regarding the solution to the problems that all of Europe is having with Muslim immigrants, “My suggestion is, and I’ll say it directly, instead of integration commissioners — since integration brings blame, it can’t be expected that others fincially support the one — there should be repatriation commissioners. For those who don’t intend to integrate.”

    This is one way to avoid a civil war that will be a disaster for Europe, Muslims and the world.

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