91 % of Blacks Will (Still) Vote For the Marxist Muslim POTUS

Just goes to show.

Why Do 91% of Black Folks STILL Support Obama? (conservative black woman)

Race ueber alles. These are the people who call us “racist”.

And he still doesn’t pay their mortgage or put gas in their car…….

Ricochet/Emily Esfahani Smith

A new poll out by Gallup this morning spells more bad news for Obama and the Democrats. Among blacks, Gallup found that Obama’s approval rating was 91%. Among whites, it’s only 36%. The Dems are clearly worried about black turnout for the midterms. They’ve launched a 2 million dollar outreach campaign targeted at urban and African American communities. Yet, only 25% of blacks have given thought to the election.

The president’s general approval rating was at 45% which, as the LA Times points out, is not high enough to withstand significant losses in November:

Presidents with approval ratings below 50% at midterm time see their party suffer substantial losses in its congressional membership, regardless of how much explaining and blaming the president attempts in the campaign leading up to what becomes, in effect, a referendum on the president.

And since Democrats currently hold substantial majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives, they have substantially more seats to lose. A switch of 39 House and 10 Senate seats would give control of both houses to the Republicans for the first time since they lost it in 2007 after 12 years of GOP majorities.

5 thoughts on “91 % of Blacks Will (Still) Vote For the Marxist Muslim POTUS”

  1. See the movie “Idiocracy” if you want a picture of what life will be like after Obama and his left wing cohorts have destroyed the USA.

  2. Left Wing moonbat America you have a Black Racist Mohammedan LIAR as President voted for by Black Racists and a Black Racist as Attorney General and moonbat corrupt Party the DEEM’o’crats holding power in Congress and the Senate for the LAST 4 YEARS and you still have the illogical stupidity and HYPOCRISY to continue bleating its “Its all Bushes Fault’ . You dont need Obamacare moonbats you need Psychiatrists.

  3. Of course they will, they’re voting for skin color, a brotha, you know the drill, it doesn’t matter that he’s ruining the country and if he loses they’ll probably riot in the streets of major cities.

    Now , please call me a bigot & racist for speaking the truth.

  4. 91% of any group acting dumb sheep like are well dumb sheep and with the Hyphenated ones in America that means Black RACIST dumb sheep.

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