Charging interest is un-Islamic, right?


In the Islamic state usury  is a common method to exploit and enslave infidel dhimmies. When the dhimmies get uppity and seek legal help, what else can a good Muselman  do  but kill them?

Pakistan: Muslims murder entire Christian family, including five children

The kuffar stepped out of line. Their crime? Standing up to a Muslim who was charging Christians exorbitant interest.

Yes, interest is automatically riba, or usury, under Islamic law, but note the double standard the man was upholding: he was just doing his part to make sure the Christians “feel themselves subdued,” as the Qur’an commands (9:29).

Acts like this against non-Muslims are direct consequences of the Qur’an’s hateful rhetoric against unbelievers, and its open-ended commands to establish and maintain Islam’s dominance by any means necessary: enterprising believers will oblige. “Muslim Extremists Murder Christian Family in Pakistan,” from Compass Direct News, September 30 (thanks to JW)

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, September 30 (CDN) — Islamic extremists killed a Christian lawyer, his wife and their five children in northwestern Pakistan this week for mounting a legal challenge against a Muslim who was charging a Christian exorbitant interest, local sources said.

Police found the bodies of attorney and evangelist Edwin Paul and his family on Tuesday morning (Sept. 28) at their home in Haripur, a small town near Abbotabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (previously known as the North-West Frontier Province, or NWFP), according to Haripur Station House Officer (SHO) Maqbool Khan.

The victim and his wife Ruby Paul, along with their five children ages 6 to 17, had been shot to death.

5 thoughts on “Charging interest is un-Islamic, right?”

  1. * what else can a good Muselman to do but kill them?

    Like any Mafia racketeer, allah the Satanfather will send the boys around if you don’t cough up the vig.

  2. This should be here not in the file above,
    Ahh yes Shariah Banking thats where on a loan or mortgage you pay no interest just an “arrangement FEE” which when taken in to account is IDENTICAL to what you would pay if you paid interest. Amazing hey so the Mohammedan HYPOCRITES can say “see no interest” and the left wing dummy dhimmie moonbats and useful idiots in the WH and the Lame Stream Media can nod their heads sagely and agree. Mohammedan smoke and mirrors and HYPOCRISY all swallowed hook line and sinker by naive gullible moonbat and by the ignored of course by the Affirmative Action Taqqiya merchant HUSSEIN.

  3. Killings of non-Muslims is not a uncommon experience in the Islamic world. How else do you think that Muslims gained the majority over Christian lands during centuries of Islamic oppression? Many westerners write in with nonsense arguments that are un-needed and un-wanted. There are those who understand Islamic concepts that while not sensible to western sensitivities are perfectly sensible to Muslims. If you can try to grasp their way of thinking you, too, would find their arguements quite sensible. It does not matter how we view Muslims and Islam from western perspectives, it is more important that we understand them from their viewpoint, no matter how disjointed we may feel about their way of life and perspective on that way of life.
    A simple view of their perspective is in the Qur’an quotation “If you kill one person, it as if you have killed the whole people.” Most western apologists of Islam and Muslims will quote this verse from the Qur’an as if it means anything of a peaceful and tolerant nature. However, western islamic apologists take this quote out of the Islamic perspective and from a western perspective. The Islamic perspective is in the words “persons and people” literal translation of the words is “Muslim and Umma.” The reason for this is that non-Muslims are non-persons and non-people in the Qur’an. Non-Muslims have no rights under Islamic law and are basically non-entities that are unworthy of being treated as equals. It’s all in the Qur’an. What the Qur’an verses mean to us and what they mean to Muslims is all a matter of perspective, and our western viewpoint of Islam and Muslims is irrelevant. Islam and Muslims are not peaceful and tolerant. They are here in the western world to take over. They are not quiet about their intentions. We are just not listening well enough.

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