Department of Homeland Gobbledygook Still Doesn't Know Who the Enemy is….

On a tip from TT:

Frank Gaffney takes a look at the l “willful blindness” that  stifles every effort to deal with Islamic terrorism. The biggest problem are the traitors among us:

Robert Mueller, FBI director is one of them:

Among the participants in this half-day program were Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and FBI Director Robert Mueller.  As with virtually all of the rest of a program devoted to “intelligence reform,” their prepared remarks were devoid of references to what is arguably the single most important reform needed at the moment: clarity about the enemy we face and what animates him, namely the politico-military-legal doctrine authorities of Islam call shariah.

The exchanges between Messrs. Clapper and Mueller and Team B II members Diana West, Christine Brim, and Frank Gaffney demonstrated just how far from comprehending the need for such reform, let alone undertaking it, the U.S. government is under its present homeland security management. The latter is led by the President’s Homeland Security Advisor, John Brennan, who reportedly effectively operates as the de facto Director of National Intelligence, as well.
Members of Team B have called for Brennan’s resignation for reasons illuminated in the following responses to questions about the wisdom of “Muslim outreach” programs that involve Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas operatives and the dumbing down of the intelligence community’s threat analysis so as to be “sensitive,” evidently to the information dominance being exercised by such operatives. (Source)