Germany: 58% want to ‘seriously limit’ practice of Islam

The  immigration debate sparked this summer by former Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin has apparently had an effect on the German public. Over 58 percent said that “religious practice for Muslims in Germany should be seriously limited,” and that number rose to 75.7 percent for people from former East Germany. (The Local)

Germany to set up three Islamic study centres: Berlin

Well, as long as the imam’s turn out as good as this guy only greasy Islamophobes like us would complain. However, there is just one small problem: the teachings of the Koran are unconstitutional and diametrically opposed to the values and laws of a liberal democracy.

German university launches training for imams

In the hope that there’ll be less misunderstanders of Islam, of course:

“The new centres will not only create an outstanding framework for better theological debate in our universities. We also want to contribute to making the four million Muslims in Germany feel more at home,” added the minister. (Islam is not about debate, its about killing the unbelievers) The debate was sparked in August when Thilo Sarazzin, a member of the country’s respected central bank said Germany was being made “more stupid” by immigrants.

Berlin would contribute up to four million euros (six million dollars) to the funding for each location, the government added.  (Expatica)

Opposition Calls for Equal Treatment of Islam

Of course. If it wasn’t for support from the soldiers of Allah, Germany’s Socialists would be irrelevant by now, because the formerly conservative CDU has drifted so far to the left that the whole country has gone off the rails. No wonder the  red rat-bags are looking for new customers.

In a reflex action, the SPD has decided in favor of Islam and against the Constitution by not letting their speaker for domestic policy in the Bundestag fraction, Dieter Wiefelspütz, call for equalization with the religions of the West. [more]

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  1. * (Islam is not about debate, its about killing the unbelievers)

    Killing the unbelievers is bridge building & interfaith dialogue /caffeine

  2. I heard this on the radio sometime during the night, & made an appointment to have my ears tested …

    German multiculturalism ‘utterly failed’: Merkel

    [Germany’s chancellor says attempts to create a multicultural society in the country have “utterly failed.”

    Angela Merkel said Saturday that the concept that different cultures can live happily side by side does not work.]

    * But Australia will continue to repeat the failed experiment, in the hope of getting a different result. (Iron doesn’t alloy with clay)

    1. The real scandal about this is that Merkel said the same thing 2 years ago, when it became obvious that the Mohammedan invasion is a one way trip into the dustbin of history.

      Politicians simply believe that making the right noises at times will put a band aid over serious problems and that they can ignore the voters until election time, and that in the meantime matters will resolve themselves. They won’t.

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