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Green Activists Blow Up Children in Latest Climate Change Video

No wonder Osama Bin Laden joined the cause….
Radical green activists are blowing up children in their latest video.  (Gateway)

Is that supposed to be funny? What a sick video.

When He’s Not Speaking Out on Climate Change – Bin Laden Is Planning Terror Attacks in Europe

Mass murderer Osama Bin Laden urged Muslims to tackle famine and flood relief and lectured Muslims that climate change is “worse than war” in a tape released today on radical Islamic websites

But, that’s not all he’s been up to…
FOX News reported today that Osama Bin Laden was behind the latest plot to attack Westerners in Europe.  (Gateway)

Global warming causes whatever last happened

Last year brought drought:

“Research shows that this severe, extended drought is clearly linked with global warming,” (Climate Minister Penny) Wong said.

This year brought rain:

GLOBAL warming may have given Australia its wettest September in more than 100 years, but “extreme dry years” lie ahead, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says.

Does this global warming game seem rigged to you?  (Andrew Bolt has more)

Life suddenly too hot for the eco-fascists of 10:10

It took barely a day to shame tjhe eco-fascist 10:10 campaign, partially funded by taxpayers of course, to scrap what’s surely the vilest and most threatening global warming “awareness” campaign yet:


Today we put up a mini-movie about 10:10 and climate change called ‘No Pressure’. (Watch it here)

The breeding out of the Enlightenment

Muslim migration to the West (might be)  filling demographic needs but also brings a new (or, rather, ancient) set of morals and mores.

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  1. I always mentally classed Green NAZIS right in there with Mohammedans, Islam loving Feminists and Gay “rights???” loonies and left wing moonbats so its nice to see Obama ooops!!! Osama confirming my assumptions.

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