Is the ABC running a recruiting drive for Al Qaeda?

Andrew Bolt

Now ABC Online uses taxpayers’ money to publish the rantings of a spokesman for an Islamist group which is so radical that it is banned or restricted in several countries and brands our soldiers as ”terrorists”.

Has the ABC lost its mind? It even fails to identify just what Hizb ut Tahrir is and stands for, describing it only in the most flattering terms: as the world’s “largest global Islamic political party”.

That’s right after Tony Jones set up PM John Howard to make ex-Taliban and Gitmo inmate David Hicks aka Mahmud Dawoud  look like the innocent working class hero he never was. Ah yes, of course: he was “tortured!”

On our MTR 1377 show today we ask: did the ABC’s Q&A program set up John Howard?

2 thoughts on “Is the ABC running a recruiting drive for Al Qaeda?”

  1. If I may take it back a few steps here re Q& A and the shoe throwing incident.

    Is there anyone out there who really believes that Jones was unaware of what was about to happen immediately after a tweet was flashed across the screen demanding someone “throw a shoe” at former PM Howard?

    Jones protested / apologised far too loudly after the usual resident ABC leftist suspect did his duty and was “escorted” out of the studio by “security” and was soon followed by some female supporter,OVER apologizing to Howard, a man he hates, Howard sensed immediately, an ABC set up and, immediately urged Jones to “forget about it it’s no big deal no worries etc.
    After all it’s “their ABC” and Howard of all people, was more than aware that he and Australian’s were on enemy territory.

    The only thing the ABC should be permitted to broadcast is the TIME at least thats something they cannot corrupt or pervert.

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