Jihad Finance: Every Mosque is a Claim for Territory

One Mosque in Tromsø — One Church in Mecca

A reader in Norway sends this delightful news about a display of uncommon common sense by the Norwegian government, translated from VG Nett/via Gates of Vienna:

Norway refuses to allow mosque-building millions from Saudi Arabia

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre [also known as “bin Gahr Støre” since he caved in and hung a newspaper’s editor-in-chief out to dry and ran around apologizing during the Mohammed cartoon crisis — translator] has made a surprising about-face today.

The Saudi government and a rich private person want to build mosques for tens of millions in Norway. They have the full right to do so, according to Norwegian law. However, there is a clause in the law that the Norwegian government has to approve the financial support.

The Foreign Ministry does not just refuse to accept the mosque-building contributions. In an answer to Tawfiiq Islamic Center, the Ministry writes: “It would be a paradox and unnatural to accept funding from sources in a country where there is no religious freedom”.

“We could just have said no, by principle the Foreign ministry doesn’t approve such a thing. But when we were asked, we used the opportunity to add that an acceptance would be a paradox while its punishable in Saudi Arabia to establish a Christian congregation,” says Jonas Gahr Støre to VG.

Equal treatment

The state secretary Espen Barth Eide is visiting Saudi Arabia today, and will discuss the topic of financial support.

“I know many of my European colleagues have the same problem, and Norway will bring the issue up in the European Council,” says Støre.

Does this mean a limit may be put on the possibility of financial support for faith groups?”

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Biggest Islamic Relief revenues are from “secular” government agencies

Thanks to Money Jihad via RoP

Islamic Relief Worldwide, a major conglomerate of Muslim charities, receives funding from affiliated Muslim charities and by individual zakat donations.  But a review of their annual report shows that the largest single donors are actually government agencies.  Apart from one Qatari institution, the top five donors are mostly funded by Western tax dollars.

  1. Reach out to Asia – Qatar:  £2.7 million
  2. European Commission for Humanitarian Operations:  £2.3 million
  3. Department for International Development (U.K.):  £1.6 million
  4. United Nations Development Program:  £1.6 million
  5. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:  £0.9 million

The largest donations from Islamic Relief partner organizations are Islamic Relief USA, Islamic Relief Deutschland, Islamic Relief Association Switzerland, Secour Islamique France, and Islamic Relief Nederland.  Malaysia was the only Islamic nation with a partner organization that came close to match the giving power of the West.

Certainly U.K. and European taxpayers must be delighted that their money is being used to propagate Islam around the world.  When churches or Christian charities in the U.S. receive any taxpayer money, it’s extremely controversial.  But Islamic Relief gets pats on the back from Prince Charles for their remarkable “generosity” and fundraising abilities.  It’s just that he forgot to tell us that it’s easy to be generous with somebody else’s money.

WoJ reader “Oh, Dear” just sent this in:

By the way, who is the “Saudi Businessman” who has agreed to finance the Tromsø mosque in Norway, above the Arctic Circle? Why there? To compete with the Arctic Cathedral? The same “businessman” who wanted to buy a mountain in the same area a few years back, which was finally called off?

Today, Jonas Gahr Støre, the Norwegian Foreign Minister, surprisingly, says he is not in favor of having Saudi money finance mosques in Norway, as long as there are no churches built in Saudi-Arabia. Adding that the wahabi is a “profiled way of islam”.


5 thoughts on “Jihad Finance: Every Mosque is a Claim for Territory”

  1. A mosque is a symbol of conquest. First an inch and then the whole hog.
    Muslims must be sent packing to return in their native homelands.

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  3. Abou:-

    Stickez-vous votre mosque ou le soliel ne shine pas!


    Stick your mosque where the sun doesn’t shine!

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