Merkel: The Mosque Munich Has to Have

“A mosque in Munich would be an important message for world peace.” (or else!)

Today the council of Munich wanted to bury the Sendling mosque project officially. The resistance was too large in the population – and to small the financial possibilities of the owner, the mosque association Ditim. In a last ditch effort,  Turkish “European Minister” Egemen Bagis (photo l. with Angela Merkel with their Turkey visit in March) offered lucrative assistance from Turkey (?)

“A mosque in Munich would be an important message for the world peace. I would support the project gladly”, so Bagis to the local Munich Merkur. And further: “The Muslim world will not leave those Munich Muslims behind….” (more from PI, in German: Finanzspritze aus Türkei für Sendlinger Moschee? )

Did you know that Turkey has a “Europe Minister?”

Turkey wants justice (sharia) in EU bid, Bagis says

When a Muslim talks about ‘justice’ he means sharia. Everything else is ‘unjust’

Turkish chief negotiator said that Turkey prepared the constitutional amendment package to upgrade living standards of Turkish people.  (More mosques, the better!)

Failed Euro-polit trash  ends up in Brussels:

Ex-minister Rachida Dati confuses oral sex for inflation

France’s glamorous former justice minister Rachida Dati confused oral sex with rising prices as she launched an attack on foreign investment funds.

Rachida Dati was dropped from the French government last year after her penchant for designer dresses and appearing on the covers of celebrity magazines prompted criticism that a senior minister should not engage in such frivolity.

She is now a member of the European parliament.  (SMH)

State Minister & Chief Negotiator for EU talks Egemen Bagis addressed a meeting titled, “Turkey’s Membership Process after September 12 Referendum”, at European Policy Center, a think-tank organization in Brussels.

Most of Turkish people chose democracy and the EU path in the referendum on September 12, 2010, Bagis said. The constitutional amendment package which was accepted in the referendum included many articles about reforms that have been demanded by the European Union for years, he said.

Bagis said, “the European Commission and other countries welcomed the constitutional amendment package. But we did not do it to please the EU, but to upgrade living standards of the people. (With Euro- peoples money. Take that, suckers!)

Not only the constitution but also mentality also changed in Turkey, he said.

(Is he telling us that Turkey is about to become the next Iran?)

When some EU countries tried to get rid of Roma (Gypsy) people, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Roma citizens and apologized for mistakes that were made in past, Bagis said.

(How many Roma did the Turks kill? How much compensation did they get?)

In regard to Turkey’s EU accession process, Bagis said, “we want justice. We should be treated fairly.”

(Lets call on Turkey to make amends for the genocide on the Armenians and get the hell out of Cyprus, then we can talk. How’s that?)

Regarding visa procedure, Bagis said that when Turkish people were waiting in the line to get visa, they felt that they were isolated.

Lets keep it that way.

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  1. I am sorry Sheik but I think you are been a bit hard (if you pardon the expression ) on this lass.
    She appears to be young, and as such, possibly adventurous , willing to experiment and indeed may have had many things on her mind not necessarily those things to do with the everyday mundane mechanics of European Politics.

    As an Australian male I cannot but feel I have to take her under my wing , Any woman who confuses Fellatio with the business of the European Parliament has demonstrated a willingness to be saved, and I for one will put my hand up (sorry) first to SAVE this sheila and offer her a “non judgmental” environment so as to allow her to express her unfulfilled desires.

  2. Former French justice minister Rachida Dati ‘brought shame on her strictly Muslim family’ by becoming a single mother, a scathing book by her own brother claims. ‘We have all been dishonoured by this. We are Muslims after all. (Zimbio has more)

    Sacked sports minister Bernard Laporte said: ‘She’s a very false person. Rachida is only happy when people are talking about her.’

    False diploma no hindrance:

    FRENCH Justice Minister Rachida Dati, a protegee of President Nicolas Sarkozy and the first minister to come from an ethnic minority, is engulfed in controversy over an allegation that she falsely claimed she had a prestigious diploma when applying to the national magistrates’ school. (The Australian)

    Fellatio in all the right places:

    Her younger brother, Jamal, is a convicted drug dealer; another brother, Omar, has also been investigated for drug offences. As minister of justice Rachida Dati could get the charges “reduced…..”

    Brother of France’s new justice minister Rachida Dati convicted for drug dealing Expatica

  3. I am sorry Sheik, I could not care what her brothers have done , but any woman who is so preoccupied with Fellatio as this woman has demonstrated that she is, I find myself erring on the side of caution and be the first to put my hand up and ………….. offer her all the support and encouragement that I can.

    I have, by co incidence, just tonight opened the worlds first, Fellatio avoidance clinic for French Women ex Politicians.

    You don’t happen to have her email address do you Sheik? If you do I would be prepared to compensate you in proportion for any services rendered if you know what I mean… nudge nudge wink wink.

  4. Sheik, you are talking about false Dipolomas, Single Mohers, blah blah blah
    She does not know the difference between European Parliament and a head job !!
    Would you please give me her email address or phone number so I can lead her onto the righteous path
    I am sure you would agree this woman need s to be saved from the UN’s evil and be safely secured somewhere in Australia doing what is obviously on her mind.
    Who are WE to Judge!!!!

  5. Is that like a chorus line or a row of cunning stunts?

    Cheers and congratulations on some really fantastic coverage of what the MSM for some reason or other appears to not want to tell us about.

  6. Thanks for the kudos, Aussie.

    You have some excellent stuff on your blog about Aussie diggers being sacrificed on the altar of PC. Wanna do some guest blogging on WoJ?

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