Obama's "Credible Threat" Causes Fear of "Backlash" Among Muslims

“Dry Run”

Yemen expresses astonishment at reports linking it to suspicious packages found on planes


Obama on Terror Threat: If We Help Yemen Create Jobs We Will Stop the Islamic Terrorists (Gateway)

Obama forgot to mention that the packages were planted by suspected “Muslim” extremists.
He didn’t want to offend anyone.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the real Islam, which is a religion of peace. And the billions of dollars we have to spend to prevent these “man made disasters” are a small price to pay  for bridge building,  interfaith dialogue and other cultural enrichment from the  Muslims among us, right?  Ah yes, forget about blaming Al Qaeda either, because ‘al-Qaeda (is) no longer a threat to the United States’, according to certain US officials in the Obama administration.

A Yemeni diplomat in Washington said his government has opened a full-scale investigation into the incident but it was too early to speculate or reach any conclusions….

High alert in U.S. over suspicious packages shipped from Yemen to synagogues in Chicago

No doubt from a small, secretive band of extremist Methodists hiding out in Yemen. “High alert in U.S. after suspicious packages found in UK,” from CNN, October 29 (thanks to JW):

Obama says packages from Yemen contained explosive materials

Yemen has promised to look into it. An update on this story. “Suspicious packages ‘contain explosive material,’ Obama says,” from CNN, October 29:

Suspicious packages found in at least two locations abroad that were bound for the United States “apparently contain explosive material,” President Barack Obama said Friday, calling the discovery “a credible threat against our country.”

Soros sponsored MEDIA MATTERS claims Palin “supports terrorism”

Palin Slams U.S. State Department for Ahmadinejad Birtday Wish /  Read More »

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin rebuffed Media Matters’ requests to repudiate “erratic” TV and radio host Glenn Beck with a call into his radio program Thursday morning, saying, “I stand with you, Glenn.”  (The Blaze)

What a bunch of wankers!

Media Matters loon in chief asks Sarah Palin for “help against Glenn Beck”

EUro Dhimmies Can’t Understand Why the Obamessiah is Such a Flop

Tundra Tabloids

America’s first (and hopefully last) Marxist-Muslim Negro president Hussein Obama, the most hyped person in  poltical history, is now known by the majority of US citizens as “the socialist president, or the Marxist”.  In Europe that doesn’t raise an eyebrow, but in the US, it is rightly understood as a great betrayal. The Europeans just don’t get it, and perhaps, they never will. KGS

LONDON – Before he was elected to the White House, Barack Obama drew 200,000 ecstatic fans during a 2008 visit to Berlin. Analysts predicted he would have easily been elected France’s president if he had been a candidate there. And the day after Obama’s election triumph, practically every U.K. newspaper splashed his picture across their front pages.

Europe had fallen in love.
(Not. Berlin was always a bastion of Marxist utopianism, Green loons and Socialist phantasies. The Obama-bastard was received in that spirit and by that kind of people only.)
Two years later, Obama is struggling at home. With the midterms looming, the president’s approval rating is at just 47 percent and most indicators suggest that the Democrats will take a hit on Tuesday.
Many Europeans don’t get it.


6 thoughts on “Obama's "Credible Threat" Causes Fear of "Backlash" Among Muslims”

  1. * too early to speculate or reach any conclusions….

    Of course, but if someone had used bacon strips to spell out “islam sucks” & put it on a plane addressed to a mosque in Minnesota, CAIR would be calling on the FBI to investigate the “hate crime”, but since it only involved synagogues in Chicago – let’s not jump to conclusions.

  2. Damn, I like Glen Beck, don’t agree with everything he says but like the fact he doesn’t preach, he researches and gives sources and says if you don’t agree go look for yourself… his delivery can be erratic but hell how many people give you their sources and encourage you to find out for yourself.

  3. I laughed when I heard on the ABC last night that the information about the attacks coming from the Yemen was from the Saudi’s. UMM!
    One of the reasons behind these smaller scale attacks on our lands is for the sole purpose of making us scurry like hell, spend billions on updates and new strategies as well as frightening the S…t out of the innocent travelling public. Of course there would be Muslims on those flights – but gee whiz, they dont give a damn.
    These people are desert dewllers and they like nothing better than to play the cat and mouse game. I have experiences this, and it does terrorise us.
    Eventually when we are all broke, we will have to “Surrender” to Sharia finance to keep going and that is the rub.

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