Religion of Death Threats, Terror & Intimidation

Naples, South-West Florida:

A conservative Christian pastor, who hosts a television program and radio show, has reported he was threatened by a Muslim at the Islamic Center of Southwest Florida. (

Salman Rushdie still receives death threats from Iranian extremists 21 YEARS after fatwa

Unforgettable, that’s what you are….

Sir Salman Rushdie has revealed he receives a reminder every year from Iranian extremists that they still want to kill him. The author said the threat comes in the form of a ‘sort of  Valentine’s Day’ card each February 14th. (Daily Mail)

Just like Pakistan: Ahmadis in Britain face campaign of intimidation from other Muslims

“Hate campaign discovered against south London Ahmadiyya Islamic minority,” by Omar Oakes for YourLocalGuardian, October 14 via Jihad Watch

Teaching Girls to Tolerate Misogyny and Beatings (News Real Blog) Teaching “tolerance” for the sharia. Its all about pleasing “Allah”, you see…..

The Religion of Peace is all about teaching tolerance to those who aren’t male and Muslim.

Enraged Imam Attacks Journalist (Islam, Culture of Debate)

Jama Masjid’s Imam Ahmad Bukhari today lost his cool and physically attacked a local journalist who wanted to know why the disputed structure could not be handed over to the Hindus when Muslim rulers had built so many mandirs in the country. (The Tribune)

Sharia Law’s Threat to Free Speech (Human Events)

The OIC is battling on behalf of ideological censorship – and winning.

Why Muslims Want to Kill Europeans (Hudson, NY)

“The Europeans need to understand that their support for Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular will not help them avoid ‘punishment’ by radical Muslims.”

New York town won’t shut down Muslim graveyard, but won’t say it’s legal, either

Dead Muslim Storage: Nobody Dares to Call it Illegal

This looks as if what the town officials are most afraid of is being accused of “Islamophobia.” And so they’re allowing an illegal graveyard that they would almost certainly stop if any other group were behind it.

“NY town won’t shut down Muslim graveyard,” from AP, via JW.