Whoring for the Caliphate

Ridiculous: ABC’s Diane Sawyer 20/20 Proselytizes for Islam “Muslims are people too…” (Atlas)

Pamela is furious.

Sawyer comes across clueless as a leftarded media whore can be.  But there are highlights, like the interview with a French minister and  a devout little Muslima: “France is as totalitarian as Iran or Saudi Arabia because it dictates what women can wear”.

Then comes the interview with the  insufferable “professor” Irshad Manji, who is (in her own words: “deeply rooted in her faith”) “The Koran is very very clear”, she says,  “men and women have equal rights and responsibilities”.

No. This cannot stand. (“Professor” Irshad cites Khadija, Muhammad’s first wife, a wealthy matron whom he married before he invented Islam. Again, total obfuscation, absolute crap!)

Does Islam Condone Violence?  Part 2: Religious scholars debate several controversial passages from the Koran.

Under the Veil Part 3: Muslim women discuss covering themselves and practicing their religion.

The rest here>>

What crap. Dangerous garbage. I hope America sees through this proselytizing for Islam. I am a half hour into this surrender stupidity and I wish to offer my apology for even posting about it. Sawyer spent the first half hour completely whitewashing Islam and advancing a fallacious Islamic supremacist narrative, da’wah. She got nothing right on Islam. Nothing.

This is da’wah — invitation to Islam. Sawyer and co. have tossed concretes and history out the window to surrender to the  Islamic supremacist narrative. Ugh.

ABC taped close to three hours of interviews with me (more with travel, etc.) and they broadcast none of it.A deliberate waste of five hours of my precious time.  Yes, Islam is better to women than the West. Yes, there is no jihad, the millions of victims slaughtered are an incidental (but not mentionable) historical footnote. Where was Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq, Robert Spencer, Bat Ye’or?

Shut off your TVs. Reject your surrender by proxy.

UPDATE: Write ABC. The only lucid and accurate moments in this piece of propaganda came from the great Americans who video-ed their questions in. They get it.

UPDATE: I think I used the wrong word in the headline. It was more horrible than ridiculous. I am not going to exhaust myself fisking the misrepresentation of Christianity, Judaism, the subjugation of women, and on and on…..

No accident this. It was designed to whitewash Islam as any danger. As in, why are we fighting?

I have been covering the media’s incompetence and misinformation on Islam for years, but this was jaw-dropping. It was far worse than anything I could ever imagine; it was a total whitewash, a white-out.

Kids playing football, a drowned girl uniting a community, progressive girls in Egypt who speak American street slang. Well, at least it draws the battle lines clearly. It is beyond hope that the left/liberals will ever look at Islam as a threat — not up until the knives are at their throats. Ten years, and they are as steadfastly ignorant and married to their multiculturalism as they ever were.

They can neveer change.  No, it is hopeless futility to believe that the media/left will examine this, or that they will abandon their dogma, or that they will follow any path except that of “changing course: towards an US Muslim engagement.


ABC also manipulates the kids

Especially the kids in this vid seem to be pretty well indoctrinated

5 thoughts on “Whoring for the Caliphate”

  1. I have not seen this program but having read your summary I intend to boycott ABC.
    Also, there has been NO coverage that I have seen of Geert in Berlin or of his upcoming sham trial, except on a few websites such as yours. Because of this, I have cancelled my daily subscription to my local “conservative” newspaper. I thank you for the work you do in attempting to save our society.

  2. Watched this drivel with complete disgust along with their follow up today. I’m glad that I have resources such as this site, Spencer, Geller, thereligionofpeace.com and jawareport to get the real news! ABC and the rest of the liberal media is in love with Islam right now. Its completely disgusting.

    Just noting the new travel warning for the EU and wondering whats the danger? Buddhists on the rampage again? Can’t be radical islam cause there ain’t no such thing.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. * Just noting the new travel warning for the EU and wondering whats the danger?

    Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda
    A sorry band of men
    Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda
    Blowing up the glen
    (and the Tube, the Metro and the WTC)

    Appeased by the bad
    Loathed by the good
    Al Qaeda in the hood
    Al Qaeda in the hood
    Al Qaeda in the hood

  4. * Just noting the new travel warning for the EU and wondering whats the danger?

    Nope, I was wrong – nothing to do with Al Qaeda – it is actually muslim-bashing politicians. Fresh from a tired mag that was once an insert in The Bulletin before it folded, via Zip:


    [Turn on the Red Light
    The State Department has issued a “travel alert” for Europe—underscoring the effect Muslim-bashing politicians have had on the terror threat on the continent. ]

    muslim-bashing politicians? More likely to be muslims bashing / murdering politicians, but don’t let the truth get in the way of journalistic irrelevance and fawning dhimmitude.

  5. Diane Sawyer may need the surgeions knife for a brain transplant instead of her regular trips to the plastic surgeon. Her face has not changed for thrity years. Just like Barbara Walters. Give the rest of the women in the world a break you pair of bitches.

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