Wilders shakes up Dutch parliament

Geert Wilders:

“Deport lazy Muslim immigrants”

“If you want to go back to sleep instead of attending your integration course, then you’ll not merely have to get out of bed, you’ll have to get out of the country.”

Pray that Wilders gets elected Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

RNW Dutch Labour leader Job Cohen and anti-Islam Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders clashed today in parliament during a debate on integration legislation for new immigrants.

Mr Wilders claimed Mr Cohen’s Labour Party does nothing to tackle immigrants who show a “half-hearted attitude” towards the mandatory integration course. Mr Cohen said deportation of immigrants who don’t fully participate in the course should be a last resort and that the current system of fining those who fail to attend the courses should be given a chance first. (Barenaked has more)

How Much Islam Will Switzerland Tolerate?

The Weltwoche reports:  “Islamic persuasions diametrically oppose the values that make up Switzerland,” says Lukas Reimann…. (PI has more)

More good news from Austria:

AUSTRIA: Anti-Islam Freedom Party will expand into Germany

Austria’s far-right Freedom Party has announced plans to expand into Germany, where it hopes to join forces with another militant anti-Islamic group and campaign against Turkey’s accession to the European Union as part of a widening bid for political power.  (Barenaked)

German defense minister considers dialog with “moderate” Taliban (DW)

German defense minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has advocated talks with what he called ‘moderate’ Taliban in an effort to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan.

Progessive Delusions Cost Money:

Germany  sponsers  moderate Taliban with 10 million Euro Hope’n’change Program (PI in German)

Wilders praises Merkel  for conflicting remarks about multiculturalism. Merkel  “Not amused”

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday rebuffed praise from Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders that her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has taken “the lead in the domain of Islam criticism” in Germany.


Well, well, what is one to say about this?

Two things. First, before extolling Chancellor Merkel as an Islam critic, Wilders should have read VFR, where it was clearly established that her thrillingly negative remarks about Islam’s place in Germany were utterly meaningless, since they were contradicted by the exact opposite remarks which she also made. Had Wilders taken in the fact that Merkel herself is no Islam critic, he would have avoided the demurrer by the German government spokesman.

Second, while Merkel’s remarks were meaningless in themselves, they nevertheless were deeply significant as a symptom of a general shift in European thinking about Islam. And for this reason Wilders was absolutely right to cheer Merkel’s statement.  (View from the Right)