Wulff Calls Himself "President of Muslims" While Islamic Terrorists Target Berlin Landmarks

Bundespresident  Wulff: Religion gibt keine Lizenz zum Töten

An update from this:

From Jihad Watch Germany:

Islam is part of Germany ….. like Auschwitz!

Update 2:

Report: 5 European Airports Targeted in Terror Plot

Ahmad Siddiqui, a German terrorist who was captured in Afghanistan in July, told his interrogators that he met with Said Bahaji after joining al Qaeda’s ranks in Pakistan. Siddiqui also told interrogators that Osama bin Laden had ordered and financed the Mumbai-like terror plot in Europe.  (Gateway)

U.S. Issues Europe Travel Alert as Intel Shows Terror Plot Targeting Paris, Berlin Landmarks

Terrorists plotting to carry out a Mumbai-style massacre in western Europe have a list of high-profile targets in their sights ranging from the Eiffel Tower to a hotel near Berlin’s famed Brandenburg Gate, according to intelligence relayed to Fox News.

A senior western intelligence official told Fox News on Sunday that a German-Pakistani national interrogated at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan provided a list of targets. The list was later confirmed by another senior intelligence official. (Fox News)

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  1. The islamists will commit mass murder, because they are unthinking and violent zealots. Keep your eyes and ears open!!!

  2. For Muslims to claim that Infidel land legally belongs to them , it has to be taken by the shedding of blood, including their own. Only then is the conquest sanctified. Therefore, even if we try to go peacefully into the night, it wont happen. War will be waged on us by Muslims prior to the establishment of sharia.

    So to the dhimmis who think that they will slip quietly into the night- forget it. The wolves will find you. It is easier therefore to fight them now then later, for fight we will have to, even if we dont like it, as it will forced on us.

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