Yesterday's Videos of the EDL demo in Leicester, England

AFP drives the smear campaign against English patriots, and the Grunard shrieks:

About 2,000 EDL supporters are expected to demonstrate in Leicester tomorrow. Home secretary Theresa May banned marches in the city this week but the EDL said its protest would go ahead, raising fears of unrest.

The Grauniad on the EDL and the Tea Parties (Connecting the dots, Sherlock? Make my day!)

Changing the Meme (from the Gates of Vienna)

The Baron sez: when I look at the EDL demos, I can tell that the protesters are almost entirely working-class. When I hear them interviewed, the impression is confirmed. There is nothing at all wrong with this — these men and women from the despised proletariat are the heroes of the English resistance, and deserve our highest esteem — except for the fact that the movement will never succeed without a generous leavening of middle-class participants. Read more »

Defence leagues plan Amsterdam show of support for Geert Wilders

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A member of the “extreme right-wing” English Defence League (EDL) is arrested

AFP/LONDON — Police arrested eight people Saturday in Leicester as far-right, anti-Islamist protesters clashed with riot officers and hurled bricks and smoke bombs, officials said.

The violence broke out as police tried to keep around 1,000 members of the English Defence League (EDL) away from a rival demonstration by 700 protesters from Unite Against Fascism (UAF), said Leicestershire Police.

Police said one of the arrested men was from the Netherlands. (No, it was not Geert Wilders. But don’t you think the AFP is desperate to establish a guilt by association smear here?)

Vlad Tepes presents:

Chris Lough, English Patriot

The soldiers of Allah came out in force:

Some people say that the cry of “Takfir” or “Tafkir” or whatever it is, followed by “Alla hu Akbar!” Is not a Mohammedan battle cry. That would be a hard case to argue. Keep in mind, some of these videos were shot from the Muslim side of this conflict.

Vlad has more, here

The last one gives some sense of the magnitude of what the EDL is becoming. Make no mistake, the EDL could become, and perhaps already has, a real geopolitical force. Add to that the police made very deliberate efforts to cause groups of EDL people to not meet. Most who went to the rally where deliberately held up so that they arrived hours late. Others were taken hours early and some never made it to the location because of the arrangement that the police made, to transport EDL members on specific buses, which of course, acted on a hidden agenda.

Tommy Robinson:

“People want to say that we are racists, that we are fascists, that is the weakest argument to our cause. What is the easiest way to get away from the argument, is to say that they’re racists, they’re Nazis, they’re Fascists. The truth is, we’re not Nazis, we’re not Fascists, we’ll smash Nazis the same way we’ll smash militant Islam.”

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