Aiman Mazyek; STFU!

The soldiers of Allah hate it, hate it (!) when the kafirs smell the coffee:

“German Muslim leader worried over growing anti-Islam hysteria”


Berlin : A prominent German Muslim leader expressed serious concern over the growing anti-Islam hysteria in his country, fuelled by “right-wing populist politicians” and the media.

Mayzek is not “prominent”, he is not serious, and there are no “right-wing populist politicians and the media” that threaten him or is ilk. At least not yet. Mayzek is not a victim, he is an Islamo-agit-prop.

Meeting with the Berlin-based foreign press Wednesday evening, the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek said, ‘I am concerned about the situation which we are facing.’

He pointed out the animosity towards Muslims was ‘the fastest growing form of racism’ in Germany.

Islam is not a race, although conflating Islam with race would suit  Mayzek’s cult of subversion beautifully.

Mazyek said Islam bashing had become ‘socially acceptable,’ even in German intellectual circles.

Meanwhile, Germans get bashed, murdered and stabbed. Physically, financially and in every way imaginable.

He added it was ‘frightening’ to note that most Germans would support restricting the religious freedom of Muslims, according to a recent survey released by the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, affiliated to the opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD).

Mayzek is not frightened. He gets airtime on TV. Those who speak out against Islam have every reason to be frightened.

Mazyek warned that this hysterical anti-Islam debate would ‘ultimately damage Germany.’

Mohammedan threats. What else is new?

He criticized the nation’s media for not seriously questions some of the baseless assertions made about Islam.

Mohammedanism has a 1400 year history of wiping out the unbeliever and destroying cultures and civilizations far more advanced than Islam ever will be. What’s baseless about that?

The official emphasized that it was ‘the duty of German society as a whole to confront this form of racism.’

Again, Islam is not a race. The duty of German  -or any other-  society is to ensure the well-being of Germans, and to reject Mohammedan demands.

The activist lamented the fact that German Muslims were facing ‘daily discrimination and hostility.’

Germans are under siege, Muslims get a free ride.  The soldiers of Allah have to be held responsible…..

He referred to examples of an ongoing wave of anti-Muslim violence, including the recent brutal murder of an Iraqi Muslim by two neo-Nazis in the eastern city of Leipzig and the series of ‘almost monthly attacks against mosques’ throughout the country.

There are no “attacks on mosques” to speak of. Reality is that Mohammedans create “hate crimes” in order to fool moonbats and do-gooders.

Mazyek said he had also received death threats and hate mail from right-wing populists.

Mayzek is lying. If he had received death threats he would scream to high heaven and would get the whole police apparatus involved.

He urged the government to address the challenge of Islamophobia before its gets out of control.

“Islamophobia” is non-existent. An “Islamophobe” is an unbeliever who knows too much about Islam.

German Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger admitted recently that  Islamophobia had in fact become a serious problem in the country as a result of deepening anti-Muslim sentiments within the population.

Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger is a halfwit in an ivory tower.

Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger said there was a growing tendency among the public to view ‘Muslims and their religion as a threat.’

Muslims and their religion are deadly. An ideology that is based on blunder and genocide is a deadly threat. Now, how do we get people like Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger to understand that?

This was the first time that the German government had openly acknowledged the existence of Islamophobia.

German Muslim leaders have repeatedly called on the Merkel government to take the problem of Islamophobia seriously.

In other words: muzzle free speech so that the Islamization can take its course, unhindered. Where did we hear that before?

5 thoughts on “Aiman Mazyek; STFU!”

  1. The first thing that should have been done before allowing millions of Muslims to settle “behind enemy lines” as Hugh Fitzgerald puts it, was to have assessed whether Islam and Muslims pose a deadly and existential threat to the West.

    The answer is a YES. Islam is not just a threat but was designed as a genocidal and civilisation destroying ideology, much like Marxism but far more virulent and deadly.

  2. “He pointed out the animosity towards Muslims was ‘the fastest growing form of racism’ in Germany.”

    Not fast enough, not at all fast enough! And what race is islam, I must have missed that ?

  3. Oh boo fucking hoo, not a word about the ongoing and constant persecution and murder of Christians in islamic countries by muslims then?
    Why does the west view islam as a threat to its survival? Err, because it is? just an idea.
    They must think that we kuffars are stupid,still its good that dingbats like this are doing such a good job at waking the west up to the reality of that medieval death cult called islam.

  4. So no apology for the persistant and ongoing persecution of Christians in muslim lands then?
    The West views islam as a threat because it is one,
    Their own preachers and politicians say so,they make plain their intention to force the west to adopt islam and then start bleating when the hand of friendship which had been offered without condition is withdrawn.
    It is not a virtue to tolerate the intolerable and islam is rapidly becoming just that.
    They just cannot seem to stop themselves from picking fights with the entire rest of the world and one day,probably sooner than they think, the rest of the world is going to start fighting back.

  5. Hi,
    this cuntbearded a****** is from my city. Just some short information about him:
    His father came to germany to work as an engineer in my city here. At the same time we have a huge, especially technical university with about 30000 – 40000 students. And now guess what our little muslim brother studied as the son of an engineer living in the city of a huge technical university? Maybe physics? Or mmmh maths? Or maybe … informatics? etc. No: Of course he started his “studies” in Cairo about “Arabistik” etc.; you know the usual rest like politics and of course “Islam-science”:
    We call him the grandmaster of Taqiyya. He is the most astonishing shameless liar and actor you can imagine, forget de Niro, this guy is incredible.

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