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Mainz, Germany – Molotov Cocktail Against Synagogue

A petrol bomb which was thrown towards a brand-new synagogue in Germany hit a tree and did no damage, police said Sunday. (Source)

Angela Merkel would like to be seen doing something against forced marriages which appear to be part  of the cultural enrichment   Deutschlands worshippers of the profit Muhammad are introducing . However, the Islamic  council  is, (you guessed it) strictly opposed to new laws which would single out Muslims, victimize Muslims, tarnish all Muslims with the same brush etc etc…… (Jihad Watch Deutschland)

Finland: Christian Democrats want Christian refugees to be given preference over Muslims (IiE)

That would make sense, but that’s exactly why we can’t have that. The Gutmenschen will not have any of it…. Continue reading

Gothenburg: Terrorist arrests related to Mohammed cartoons?

Highly educated (Islamic terrorists?)

Police in Gothenburg arrested four men Saturday, who supposedly planned to detonate a bomb in the city that day. The men are all Syrian family-members(SE): Two brothers (28 and 33 years old), their cousin (39) and their uncle (48). All four are married with children, and had come to Sweden about 20 years ago. The two brothers are highly educated, the other two run their own service company. On Fridays they all go together to the Gårdsten mosque. Continue reading

A Day of Shame for Holland

The following report about today’s events in Amsterdam was written by Paul Weston in collaboration with other members of the Counterjihad Collective. (Gates of Vienna)

The Bunglawussi mob is jubilant: EDL’s pro-Wilders demo in Amsterdam flops

Sky News reporter Enda Brady, who was at the scene, said the EDL minibus was stoned, but no one was hurt. Sky News, 30 October 2010

Earlier today the EDL visited Amsterdam to make the case that freedom of speech and the ongoing loss of our democracy in Europe is not just a right-wing conspiracy, but a concrete reality.

And the reality was vividly shown to be not just concrete, but cast iron.

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard Van der Laan led the EDL into an ambush.

Whilst defenders of democracy gathered in the appropriately named “Isolatorweg” area of Amsterdam, the EDL boys were en-route in their hired bus.

The rally started at 2pm, but it started without the EDL. Where were they, we wondered?

Finally we were told — they had been set up, ambushed, and betrayed by the Amsterdam Town Hall.

Mounted policemen, water-cannon, dogs, riot shields, a police helicopter and a massive police presence could not apparently stop 100 left-wing Islamic sympathisers from attacking the EDL transport.

Tommy Robinson and his EDL members suddenly appeared, battered, bleeding and shocked.

The police had allowed their bus to be driven — very slowly — through the left-wing protestors.
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