French Catholics Attack Mosque, Stone Muslims

Err, actually NOT: once again, the soldiers of Allah launched an attack on the host country. Wait for the lame stream media and the politicians whine about ‘marginalized, impoverished suburbs, disenfranchised yoots’ and our failure to not throw enough money at “interfaith dialogue, bridge-building” and all the rest of the welfare programs that are needed to make Muslims love us.

Vlad Tepes:

Try to imagine what would happen if Christians or Jews did this to Muslims… anywhere in the Western world. We, as a people, have become so suicidal we will not tolerate any act of self defence.

Carcassonne: Catholics stoned during mass in the heart of France

Reminds me of the words of Hans jansen at the Wilders trial :

« There are known examples of banging on the windows of non-Muslims in the neighborhood.
This cannot really be called criminal, but eventually the non-Muslims will move out.
Banging on windows and throwing of stones. This is being done primarily by brats, but their parents approve of this behavior. This behavior is insufficient to take up arms against, but is enough to make people move out. We would love it if we could find something outside of Islam which explains the behavior, but Islam approves it »

Sixty parishioners who attended a memorial service for the departed (All Souls’ Day) on Tuesday afternoon in a church in a ghetto neighborhood of Carcassonne, were the victims of two teenagers who, after entering the building, started throwing stones. One person was hit, and the status of the Virgin Mary, targeted by the two, was badly damaged.

Two parishioners who left the service to evict the two youth, unsuccessfully pursued them. They disappeared after insulting their pursuers.

A complaint was lodged by the police, which is taking the case very seriously. The desecration of the Saint-Jacques church and the stoning of the parishioners during a public service, is a first in this ghetto and caused a big stir in the Christian community.

Source: MidiLibre (French)

Le procureur de Carcassonne Francis Battut a ordonné une enquête pour identifier les adolescents. “On prend cela très au sérieux”, a-t-il dit. Les faits datent de mardi mais n’ont été divulgués que jeudi. On ignore les motivations de ces jeunes. Abdallah Zekri, délégué régional du conseil français du culte musulman, a condamné une “attitude de voyous”. La profanation de l’église Saint-Jacques et le caillassage des fidèles, en plein office – une première, dans un quartier pourtant difficile – ont suscité un gros émoi au sein de la communauté chrétienne.

The Crown prosecutor of Carcassonne Francis Battut has ordered an investigation to identify the teenagers “we take this very seriously” he said.

The facts date from Tuesday, but were not divulged until Thursday. “We ignore the motivation from these youths” said Abdallah Zekri who is representative of the French Council of the Muslim faith, and has condemned this as “a truant attitude”. The profanity of the Church St. Jacques and the stoning of the believers in the middle of mass, a first in a difficult neighbourhood, has triggered a great deal of emotion within the Christian community.

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  1. “la communauté chrétienne” says the MidiLibre. So Christians are just another community it seems.

    1. Yes of course.

      That goes back to the days of Robbespierre and Napoleon Bonaparte. The idea that religion has no role to play in modern society, that secularism, egalite’ fraternite’ & liberte’ can replace religion, that the god of reason would prevail over the dogma of Christianity and other religions is the essence of the French republic.

      Unfortunately they couldn’t get rid of leftism and of political elitism when they beheaded the French aristocracy.

  2. Madame Guillotine will have some work to do, eliminating the opponents of islam, followed by the enablers a little later.

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