“This is the first war in history which has ended with the victors [Israel] suing for peace and the vanquished [Arabs] calling for unconditional surrender.”

Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban following the 1967 Six-Day War

Abbas: We will have final word on negotiations

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (Ma’an) — Palestinians will have the final word if negotiations with Israel fail, President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday.

Speaking at the first Sir Bani Yas Forum on Peace and Global Security in Abu Dhabi, Abbas said Palestinians had complied with a number of international resolutions, while Israel had not complied with any. “We met our obligations, but you [Israel] did not, and so we will be discharged from obligations.” Ya think?

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Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle Visits Gaza With a Bleeding Heart For “Palistanians”- elevates Hamas to status of  “government”

Pic thanks to Jihad Watch Deutschland

German Foreign Minister Westerwelle calls Gaza blockade “unacceptable”

GAZA CITY (BNO NEWS) — German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (a homosexual who -somehow-  realized that its not cool to take his boyfriend along to Mohammedan countries) during his visit to the Gaza Strip on Monday criticized the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the region, calling it unacceptable. (Read the rest at your own risk)

Letter to all the liberal Jew bastards who voted for Obama…and will again in 2012

If I sat in the pews of a synagogue for over two decades and the rabbi spewed forth anti-black venom repeatedly, one might just surmise that I had no problem with those sermons. Reverend Jeremiah Wright was (and is still) like family to Obama, and together with Wright’s other good friend, the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farakhan, were rabid Jew-baiting mentors to the current leader of our nation. It was not for nothing that Obama was called the messiah by Farakhan. (Barenaked has the whole thing)

Israeli Arabs Stone Israeli Ambulance – Treating Arab Child

The Jihad of Dumb:

Jerusalem area Arabs once again have stoned two Israeli Magen David ambulances trying to help neighbors. This time, the medical rescue vehicles were trying to save an Arab boy who fell five floors from his home in El Azaria, a village between the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of French Hill and nearby Maaleh Adumim. (Undhimmi)

Pallywood Ambush

A good analysis of the sort of abuse that Palestinians subject their children to, for a cheap media propaganda stunt.

The president talked at length about the different stages of negotiations during the tenure of former US President George W Bush and current President Barack Obama. He recalled that there was agreement with Bush to deploy NATO forces on the borders of the Palestinian state.

Abbas told the forum that Palestinians had reached an agreement with Israel on borders and security when former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was in office.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected all agreements reached with Olmert and “created obstacles when he insisted on staying in the Palestinian territories and demanded recognition of Israel as a Jewish state,” Abbas said.

Abbas reiterated his refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. “There are one and a half million Arabs in Israel, and if we agree on Israel as Jewish state, that will be enough reason to expel them.”

Commenting on Netanyahu’s refusal to stop settlement activities despite demands from the international community, the president said “We will not be deceived by a moratorium, or half a moratorium, or a quarter of a moratorium. If they want to resume negotiations, settlement construction must stop completely, then we will discuss borders and security.

“If Israel refuses to freeze settlements, we will ask the US to propose a solution and submit it to both sides. If we fail, we will go to the UN Security Council seeking international recognition of a Palestinian state. Obama already said there would be a Palestinian state in a year and it will be a member state of the UN. We have six or seven options which we will take consecutively.”

Direct talks, relaunched in Washington on 2 September, reached an impasse within weeks when Netanyahu refused to extend restrictions on settlement construction on land which would be a Palestinian state in a peace agreement.

Israel: Arabs and Foreign Anarchists Caught Burning Olive Trees

(INN) Foreign anarchists and Palestinian Authority Arabs were caught on film Sunday setting fire to a wooded area outside the Jewish town of Bat Ayin, between Jerusalem and Hevron. The fire damaged many plants, including olive trees. (Eye on the world)

Israel demolishes illegal mosque

Most of the other 13 mosques in the Israeli Arab town of Rahat were also built illegally, so this should become a norm. More…

One thought on “Israel”

  1. The “Settlements” Obsession
    Kislev 21, 5771, 28 November 10 07:33by Prof. Phyllis Chesler
    I recently spoke at length about Islamic gender and religious apartheid in the Arab and non-Arab Muslim world. This was, perhaps
    The unending tragedy of the Middle East is the refusal of the Arab leadership to accept a pre-state and post-state Jewish presence; to engage in business and to trade peacefully, create lasting bonds of peace—precisely what the earliest Zionist pioneers envisioned…
    , the first time that anyone had ever focused on this subject at this distinguished Ivy League university.

    I described both the level of poverty and illiteracy in the Arab and Muslim world and the absence of a free press, independent judiciary, human rights, and of the increasingly savage persecution of women, infidels, dissidents and homosexuals; about the prisons teeming with thousands of Muslim political prisoners who had been kidnapped and were now being tortured for “thought crimes.”

    I described a culture in which women were arrested, whipped, gang-raped, and then either hung or stoned to death for alleging rape or for daring to leave dangerously abusive husbands; a culture that has spawned death-eating terrorists who have exposed Muslim and Arab civilians to permanent, bloody danger; and about how these cunning, brazen jihadists have now expanded their global reach and unleashed their bombs and suicide killers against the entire world.

    And then I committed a serious “thought crime” of my own.

    I argued that, in effect, the demonization of Israel by the media, by governments, international bodies, human rights organizations, and university professors allowed the world to self-righteously bypass, minimize, avoid, utterly disappear Muslim-on-Muslim and Muslim-on-infidel tyranny and torture. Scapegoating Israel is what focuses attention away from the larger suffering in the Middle East and in the Muslim world in general.

    And then a young, well-spoken, earnest, curly-headed college student asked this question: “You are talking about diverting attention away from the real issues, right? But, if we focus on the absence of freedom or the absence of women’s rights in the Middle East won’t that divert our attention away from the Settlement issue?”

    For a moment, even I was startled. This may have been the first time this student had ever heard my point of view and yet he immediately subjected it to his ruling obsession, his guiding paradigm. To him, and to so many others like him, when it comes to the Middle East there is no greater issue than that of the “settlements.”

    And so I told him that whatever he or I think about “settlements” or “communities” that what happens in Israel concerning this matter does not affect the entire world and is not coming America’s way in the form of jihad. The settlement of the “settlement” issue will not open a single jail cell in Egypt, Yemen, Iran, or the disputed Palestinian…territories—dare I say the Palestinian “settlements”?

    He was not moved. He had come to ask—or was honestly driven to ask—this single question. His young mind was not open to a different perspective, not even for an hour. Rather, whatever he heard had to be immediately subjected to how it might affect the issue of the Israeli “settlements.”

    Yes, the young man also looked Jewish.

    The “settlements” continued to follow me. Two days later, my synagogue hosted Dr. Rafaela Segal, the assistant mayor of Kedumim, as its speaker. She was passionate, eloquent, enthusiastic, and spoke with enormous dignity. Segal is also an eye doctor and works at a hospital and clinic—and she is both a mother and a grandmother. Whether one agrees with Israel’s “settlement” policy or not, here is a woman whose warmth and idealism cannot be questioned.

    Kedumim was founded in 1975 by a group of determined pioneers. Now, 5,000 people call Kedumim home. There are twelve neighborhoods in Kedumim spread across many hilltops and valleys. These 5,000 pioneers have built and now run nurseries, elementary schools, religious schools, high schools, schools for immigrant and special-needs children, a music school, a municipal library, a museum, and an institute for Holocaust studies. (Do only Jews do these things? As they did in the European ghettos under Hitler and even in certain concentration camps?) Due to Kedumim’s location, and to an advanced military detection system, resident IDF soldiers have been able to stop terrorists who were coming from afar to attack Netanya and Kfar Saba.

    I am sure that young Ivy League student would seize upon this information. Their location is in the heart of Palestinian territory, home to the “indigenous” peoples of the region—who are never conceived of as the Biblical-era Jews who were driven out many times and who have always returned. “Indigenous” only applies to Arabs, those who formerly thought of themselves as citizens or residents of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.

    Where is Kedumim? Is it really far away from the “real” Israel?

    Kedumim is within easy commuting distance to all the major Israeli cities: 30 minutes to Petach Tikvah, 50 minutes to Tel Aviv, 20 minutes to Kfar Saba, 60 minutes to both Haifa and Tel Aviv.

    In my view, the unending tragedy of the Middle East is the refusal of the Arab leadership to accept a pre-state and post-state Jewish presence; to engage in business and to trade peacefully, create lasting bonds of peace—precisely what the earliest Zionist pioneers envisioned—a vision shared by many pre-politicized Arab civilians on the ground. Instead, the corrupt and tyrannical Arab leadership, to the detriment of their own people, chose to go to war against the Jews. The “catastrophe” was, to a large extent, “self-inflicted.” Read Dr. Ephraim Karsh’s excellent new book Palestine Betrayed on this subject.

    Read it—and weep for how Arab and Palestinian leaders have betrayed their own people and in so doing have launched a permanent war against the Jews. %ad%

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