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Imam Obama Blames Israel for Not Committing Suicide
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Good news, at last:

Netanyahu responds to Obama: “Jerusalem is not a settlement: Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel”

Netanyahu is a lonely voice speaking the truth in an increasingly insane world. “Netanyahu Sharply Insists on Building in Jerusalem,” by Ethan Bronner in the New York Times, November 9 (JW)

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office sharply rejected international criticism of Israel’s most recently announced building plans in East Jerusalem, saying in a statement: “Jerusalem is not a settlement: Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel.”

Canadian PM vows to stand for Israel regardless of the cost

Would that in the U.S. we had a president like Stephen Harper. “Harper vows to stand up for Israel,” by Jennifer Ditchburn for The Canadian Press

Harper is a True Mensch, a Righteous Gentile. Bless you, mister Harper!  (video thanks to Vlad Tepes)

Obama in Indonesia slams Israel, says more work is needed to improve ties with Islamic world

Here again Obama speaks about what the U.S. has done and must do to overcome the Islamic world’s mistrust. He doesn’t say anything about Muslims working to eradicate the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism, and thus helping overcome American mistrust of the Islamic world. In Obama’s world, the conflict between the West and the Islamic world is all America’s fault — and Israel’s, of course. “Obama in Indonesia: Much work needed on Muslim ties,” from the BBC, November 9 (JW)

More bad news:

He bowed again: He Just Can’t Help It… Obama Bows to Indian Parliament – THE VIDEO

Hussein Obama bowed to the Indian Parliament yesterday after his speech.
Maybe it was written on his TelePrompter? (Gateway)

Figures:  Obama Lashes Out at Israel During Q&A Session in Muslim Indonesia

Code Pink Attacks Nethanyahu, Bibi fires back

Radical Leftist Heckler Tackled During Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s New Orleans Speech (Video)

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  1. Hussein Obama bowed to the Indian Parliament yesterday after his speech.

    No, I dont agree that he bowed.

  2. Solution: Let the last words a Code Pink member ever hears be “Allahu Ackbar”. Prison Yard, Guantanamo Bay, shivs thrown in the center, superglue yarmulka to head, call out “Yehud, Yehud!”, let nature take its’ course. “Invite” next Code Pink member into the gladiator arena…I mean, the excercise yard at Gitmo. Video, post, repeat.

  3. The Pali Fraud

    The Palestinians are an invented ethnicity. They did not exist before 1967 as a specific, Arab Muslim ethnic group. Prior to 1967 Palestinian was simply a regional moniker and there were Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian Jews. Jews have had a continuous presence in the Holy Land since 1100 BC. Zionists started immigrating and legally buying land in the 19th century. After the first world war, the Allied states took control of the remnants of the collapsed Ottoman empire (as has been the case throughout 100% of history in winning a war of aggression waged against you). They promised everyone, including the Jews, would get a state. In 1922 they took 80% of the “British Mandate of Palestine” and turned it into Transjordan. Note that before it was known as the “British Mandate of Palestine” the region was known as “Southern Syria” under the Ottoman Empire. There has never in history been a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as it’s capital. Not once. The “Map” that Arabs always show, that can be found here:

    is disgusting propaganda.

    The first picture, with the tiny smatterings of white, is what the British gave the Jews in 1947-48. The rest was given to the Arabs. So we see that the Jews got their state, even though it amounted to a little less than 90% of the original British Mandate of Palestine, and even though it was a smattering of tiny unconnected enclaves. The Palestinians could have had their state right here but instead they launched a series of wars, and the succeeding maps are of land Israel captured in defensive wars it waged against aggressive Arab Muslims with genocidal intentions. It wasn’t until the Arabs had lost three wars against Israel that they came up with the whole “Palestine/Palestinian” myth. Leftists always bleat about “social constructs” but none is more emblematic of that idea than the “Palestinians” and yet, silence.

    The 750,000 Palestinians who “fled” in the “naqba” were mostly asked to leave by Arab armies who wanted to use their land as a military staging ground. Many others also fled when it became clear the Jews would be victorious because they projected their own genocidal intentions onto their democratic enemies. There is not even ever any mention of the 800 thousand Jews expelled at the same time from Arab countries, but then Israel gladly accepted and resettled them in a way that Arab states to this day refuse to do with the “Palestinians” (the ones living outside camps being mostly just Jordanians and Egyptians who moved to The West Bank and Gaza, respectively, during their native nations’ near two decade occupation of said territory (which no one ever complained about; hence the quip from Walid Shoebat, “Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?”).

    In short the entire “Palestinian” struggle is based on a completely and utterly fabricated history, a completely (and recently) constructed identity, and is probably the greatest lie played on the world this past century.

    I forget where I saved this from but credit to whomever originally compiled it:

    in 1977, one of the central spokesman of the P.L.O. leadership, Zahir Muhsein, the leader of the al-Sa’iqa Organization, revealed the truth in an interview to the Dutch newspaper Trouw:

    “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct ‘Palestinian people’ to oppose Zionism for tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa. While as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.”

    Are you in shock? If the Palestinian People does not exist, what does exist?

    Arabs who live in Israel and who have disguised themselves as “Palestinians” for fraudulent purposes. “Only a means for continuing our struggle against the State of Israel,” in Muhsein’s words. A fraud so successful that even George Bush can be found seeking a state for that fraud!

    Do you think Zahir Muhsein is alone? This transparent fraud about the so-called
    existence of Palestine is revealed to us by all the Arabs’ leaders.

    In 1974, the late Syrian President, Hafez al-Assad, declared: “It would be fitting for us to mention to the responsible Israeli authorities that we view Palestine not just as an inseparable part of the Arab nation, but as a part of Southern Syria.” In 1987, he reiterated himself at a conference in Amman, “A country named ‘Palestine’ has never existed.” Jordanian King Hussein responded, “The appearance of the national Palestinian persona serves as a response to Israel’s claim that Palestine is Jewish.”

    Yet the prize goes to Arafat who in 1970, with candid simplicity, told the reporter Arianna Palazzi:

    “The question of borders doesn’t interest us… From the Arab standpoint, we mustn’t talk about borders. Palestine is nothing but a drop in an enormous ocean. Our nation is the Arabic nation that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond it….. The P.L.O. is fighting Israel in the name of Pan-Arabism. What you call “Jordan” is nothing more than Palestine.”

    Such revelations are an eye-opener for anyone who has not understood until today the masked-ball being run by the Arabs: The true meaning of Arafat’s words, that “Palestine is Jordan,” is that for the Arabic people, living under the
    “Pan-Arab” umbrella, in addition to over twenty Arabic countries, there is already a country called Jordan that was established by the British for the Arabs on 77% of the Land of Israel, promised to the Jewish People by the League of Nations in 1922.

    Anywhere else on earth, would an additional country be established for a people
    that already has twenty-one countries?

    All the same, there is nothing like the testimony of the founder of the P.L.O. himself, Ahmed Shukari. Already in 1956 he proclaimed from the podium of the U.N., as the Arab League’s ambassador there, that “such a creature as Palestine does not exist at all. This land is nothing but the southern portion of Greater Syria…”

    And if Ahmed Shukari says that Palestine does not exist at all, the logical inference is that “Palestinians” do not exist at all either. That same Shukari was born of a Turkish mother in Lebanon, was himself a Jordanian lawyer, served as the ambassador of Syria to the U.N., the ambassador of the Arab League to the U.N., and the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the U.N. In 1964, after this talented actor who changed loyalties like a chameleon was fired by the Saudis, Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser hired him to found the “Palestine Liberation Organization”, the P.L.O., an organization dedicated to the liberation of a country that in his own words did not exist at all.

    All the prominent spokesman of that poor, homeless “people” say openly: The Arabs who live in Israel are precisely the same Arabs who live in Syria, Jordan or Lebanon. They are not a separate country, but a fragment of the enormous Arab nation divided amongst many Arab countries. In their identity they are Arabs and the invention of Palestine is just a transparent bluff: “a means for continuing our struggle against the State of Israel for our Arab unity”. Can any testimony be better than that of the Arabs themselves, exposing the lies and deception involved in Palestine’s creation?

    Yet the most compelling argument for the idea that the “Palestinian People” is a fraudulent invention, and that the Arabs are all one people, was expounded by none other than Mr. Husseini, head of the Supreme Arab Committee, to the U.N. special committee that was deliberating on Eretz Yisrael in 1947:

    “An additional consideration of great importance for the Arab world is racial uniformity. The Arabs lived in a broad expanse stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. They spoke one language, and shared a common history, tradition and aspirations. Their unity was the solid foundation for peace in one of the most central and sensitive regions in the world. For that reason, it does not make sense that the United Nations should facilitate the establishment of a foreign entity within that well-rooted unity.”

    Indeed, Mr. Husseini is correct. His declaration before the investigative committee of the United Nations exposes the simple fact that there is no “Palestinian” language and no unique “Palestinian” culture. The Palestinians are Arabs, and they cannot be set apart from the Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, etc.

    It is a well known fact that the Palestinian situation is likewise inflated. Their “refugee” camps amount to cities subsidized and funded by the infidels at the UN, the EU and even the US, as is their “government”, the “Palestinian” “Authority”.

    The following is a compilation of links regarding Palestinian lies, fraud and Pallywood.

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