Kosher Tyson

From the New York Post:

Mike Tyson is in talks with businessman Moshe Malamud to launch a high-end restaurant chain, a source said. The two talked shop at Malamud’s favorite kosher eatery, Solo, on Madison Avenue, where Tyson dined with his pregnant wife, Lakiha Spicer, on mushroom soup and mixed vegetables. Tyson, who announced his decision to follow a strict vegan diet last spring, is said to have interest in breaking into the kosher-food business. “They discussed the concept as well as the name, but nothing was finalized,” a rep for Solo said. Tyson’s rep had no comment.

Which reminds me, what is the blessing one makes before taking a bite of a human ear?

Tyson converted to Islam when he was in prison for raping Miss Black Rhode Island in 1991 and he went on a pilgrimage to Mecca earlier this year. So he already has the a built in clientele from the large the Islamic wife-beating rapist cannibal glatt-kosher population.

(Elder of Ziyon: Because when you think Mike Tyson, you think “quality kosher cuisine”)

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  1. Well if he’s trying to appeal to the Jewish population, he’s lost me. This stinks nothing more than someone trying to profit from one group, there’s no good intentions involved only the thought of making money.

    Pfft. Filthy heathen.

  2. Geert can’t, but Hizb ut-Tahrir and Mike Tyson can. I wonder what the difference is ? Who’s employed in the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, more to the point ?

    ‘Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has been granted visa for Australian tour’ | AP | October 10, 20124:41PM

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