Mohamad Diab, Mohamad Mehajer & NAB staffer Mohamad Sowaid cheat and defraud NAB of $3.9 million using fake financial details

Financial Jihad:

A former St George bank lending officer who is married to a police officer will stand trial for mortgage fraud next year.

Sydney Moonbat Herald

The charges laid against Hiba Cornell, 44, form part of an investigation into a $150 million mortgage fraud of which the murdered standover man Michael McGurk was alleged to have been a key player.

A three-week hearing is set to begin on March 21. The Downing Centre Local Court heard on Thursday that 23 witnesses would be called to give evidence about Mrs Cornell’s alleged fraudulent activities in assisting people to take out loans worth close to $5 million based on inflated property values and fake employment records.

Mrs Cornell, a mother of two, was arrested last December and charged with 10 offences.

Her husband, Andrew Cornell, a detective at Ashfield, is not suspected of having any knowledge or involvement in the scheme.

Mrs Cornell has worked in banking and finance for 20 years, including for seven years at the Commonwealth Bank at Bankstown. She has been accused of conspiring with Rachid Kabbara and Taan Chamma to ”cheat and defraud financial institutions of large sums of money”.

She is accused of conspiring with Mohamad Diab, Mohamad Mehajer and the National Australia Bank staffer Mohamad Sowaid to ”cheat and defraud” NAB of $3.9 million using fake financial details. She has also been accused of ensuring the loan was approved by soliciting Mr Mehajer to bribe Mr Sowaid.

One charge relates to obtaining a $475,000 loan for Ahmad Hamze to buy a Bellevue Hill unit in 2006 when she was a loans officer for St George bank at Chester Hill. Prosecutors allege Mrs Cornell verified Mr Hamze’s claim that he was earning $89,976 a year working at a bakery in Arncliffe, despite knowing the claims were fake.

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  1. * Hiba Cornell

    Good Aussie name

    Hiba – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Hiba can refer to: Hiba is an arabic name meaning “gift from God” It is used as a name for women for example “Hiba Hamdan”, Hiba Aziz, or Hiba Raza or Hiba …

    Gift from NAB, perhaps?

  2. Islamic finance is,of course,total and utter bollox. They say the charging and receiving of interest is harem,but they quote APRs on their financial products!!

  3. Is this what happened to the NAB’s ready tellers this past few days. Maybe they have gone bankrupt and are delaying as long as they can to inform their customers.
    This is no surprise at all. When we have muslims running just about every facet of our society now, we can expect a whole lot more of this crap. When ya gonna wake up Australia? But, hey dont worry the dumb old Aussie tax payer will pick up the bill as usual.

  4. well, don’t want to sound mean, and islamophobic, but the day I go into a bank and see a staff member in a hijab, will be the day i walk out of the bank and take my business elsewhere.. I gather Hiba didn’t wear one,, but I boycott privately every kebab( halal) food joint, and any business that has a woman in hijab.. If they couldn’t find employment they’d maybe leave and go back to their neanderthal countries..

  5. Has this got anything to do with the NAB’s current (glitch) problems? Which therefore makes it my problem as well, as I haven’t got paid yet, even though the money has gone from my boss’ (NA) account…

    I agree with you aussiegirl, I don’t eat Nando’s or kebabs. Unless they can sell me a pork kebab…

  6. What has any of this got to do with
    lives of those whom are being accused?
    The lives of their families are in limbo..
    this is some serious accustions being made
    there employment terminated due to false
    or misleading information put forward before
    the courts,.. Which brings into question
    if the banks knew anything before the co
    accussed were pressed any charges ?…
    Maybe it’s the big banks themselves
    that need to be questioned?…
    As for Aussie girl and stupied here ,
    get over the material that’s like a hat
    for those who were it , there not your
    sisters nor your wives ,aunts nor aunties
    or gran,..To worrie about,
    Take a look at your ownselves
    before you judge others , what makes you better
    then them as a human ?… If you have still
    a problem solve it !…

  7. As for Hecate,
    shit can happen in any country by any person…
    Your speaking for today?… tomorrow same shit could happen to
    you , you stand accused of something you did not do a company
    inwhich you stood loyal too , and people
    pass judgement at you, you no longer work in your instution, you
    can’t find employment else where, who are you then nobody you stand
    for nothing, remember it’s quick to judge or pass judgement on someone
    or something without any knowledge of it’s true effects later in the your
    or others lives!…in any case .

  8. It’s a big shame how the media can make ppl belive so much. No one has a clue of the story. The froud squad they are a froud them self. Every one will be in shock when this enasent women wins her case in front of the court. And makes ever police officer or media that spoke abought her to make sure they will suffer in the courts like what they did to this women. The most decent nicest women I have ever known…. So no one talk wait and watch it will all be revealed

  9. Someone,
    Bugger off! Most serial killers are lovely people too! Your co-religionists (I am reasonably certain that you are a muslim) have been reported as being under the suspicion of trying to cheat Australians out of their money. She has not been tried, and has not yet been found guilty. If you have not learned it yet, you accept responsibility for your actions. You have also just made a threat to the Fraud squad and your details have been passed to the police. You live in OUR country, not a muslim shithole, and you WILL LIVE by our laws!!! We will let the courts run their course of action, and if and your fellow co-religionists ever threaten our police and legal services again there will be consequences.

    Folks, examine the email from “someone”. There is a great deal of information then can be deduced from the email – and none of it is good. I , and I am sure most Australians, did not ask for this parasite to live our country. I think that the ALP needs to made accountable for the consequences of its idiotic immigration policy.

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