Muslim "Artist" Glorifies Islamic Terror

You probably thought there is no art in Islam. Well, if its the right art Allah is oft forgiving and compassionate, as we can see here:

A MUSLIM artist sparked outrage last night after his £3,500 picture of the bombed 7/7 bus went on display just a mile from the atrocity that killed 13 people.
. (The Sun/thanks to Mullah)

It shows four angels above the wreckage – the number of al-Qaeda suicide bombers who left 52 dead across London’s transport network on July 7, 2005.

What appear to be souls of the victims are shown streaming out of the bus.

On the side of the vehicle is an advert which was actually on the bombed bus reading “Outright terror… bold and brilliant”.

Number 30 bus driver George Psaradakis, 54, who survived the 7/7 attack in Tavistock Square, last night called for the picture, titled Age Of Shiva, to be removed from its exhibition.

He accused organisers of trying to profit from terrorism.

But the picture’s creator, ex-Tube graffiti vandal Mark Sinckler, 40, defended his work.

He insisted: “I want to shock. I’m an artist and this is my profession. I need to survive.”

Street artist Banksy is curator of the Marks & Stencils show in Soho and chose the 3ft picture for the

8 thoughts on “Muslim "Artist" Glorifies Islamic Terror”

  1. * He insisted: “I want to shock. I’m an artist and this is my profession. I need to survive.”

    How about a “No Burka” mural in Tower Hamlets, if he wants to “shock”?

    Then again, his “art” would look better with an exploding Mo added in and circulated widely.

  2. After the battle of Badr against the Meccans, mohammad claimed that allah was assisting muslims by sending angels so that a small number of muslims would be able to kill many times their number…Quran 8.66

    This painter makes this evident by the angels floating over the bus and the great number of the vanquished Infidel souls leaving the bus. The great majority of the souls seem to be women…This(to muslims) implies that they are going to hell.(mo is said to explain that most women will populate hell)

    Of course this is art..

    How interesting that our politicians in the West are so foolish, blind, deaf, and mute…

    all in all they wish to shroud the rest of us as well.

    May God deal with their perfidy, their hypocrisy, their collusion…..etc.

  3. Crucifix in bottle of Piss ART. Koran in toilet left wing moonbat condemnation and universal Muslim ‘Rage Boy’ reaction
    Mohammedan’s painting of Muslim Terrorist outrage with the PERPETRATORS depicted as Angels ART. Picture of woman in Burqa with derogatory comment left wing moonbat condemnation and universal Muslim ‘Rage Boy’ reaction.
    You get the picture.

  4. Now if this was a painting of women being stoned, by a mob of angry muslims and the angels wore niqab, and was painted by a Christian artist with derogatory statements about Islam, the gallery would already have been attacked and in flames by the barbarian muslims..

  5. Islam is terrorism. The Koran is the best manual on terrorism. The world is plaqued by the terrorist teachings of the Koran and the satanic self-styled prophet of Arabia, Mohammad. (

  6. I am surprised that they don’t want to make the site into a mosque. Or more accurately, an Islamic embassy. This is a pattern. The site of an attack followed up by open insults. (The Muslim world appears to know a lot about insults)

    England is much further along in the process of dealing with Islamic nationalism internally. I am keeping a close eye on England and Europe for this reason. Thanks for the update.

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