Muslim Genocide of Christians Throughout Middle East

It is obvious by now that the Christians in the Middle East are an “endangered species.”

by Khaled Abu Toameh/Hudson New York (thanks to Mullah)

Christians in Arab countries are no longer being persecuted; they are now being slaughtered and driven out of their homes and lands.

Those who for many years turned a blind eye to complaints about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East now owe the victims an apology. Now it is clear to all that these complaints were not “Jewish propaganda.”

The war of genocide against Christians in the Middle East can no longer be treated as an “internal affair” of Iraq or Egypt or the Palestinians. What the West needs to understand is that radical Islam has declared jihad not only against Jews, but also against Christians.

In Iraq, Egypt and the Palestinian territories, Christians are being targeted almost on a daily basis by Muslim fundamentalists and secular dictators.

This Coptic Christian was doused with petrol in Egypt and set alight….

As if on cue:

The jihad against the Christians of Iraq continues apace, yet the world community continues to look the other way. “Iraq: Death threats continue to menace nation’s Christians,” from AKI, November 26

Dozens of Arab Christians in Iraq have been killed in recent months in what seems to be well-planned campaign to drive them out of the country. Many Christian families have already begun fleeing Iraq out of fear for their lives.

Some have chosen to start new lives in Jordan, while many others are expressing hope that they could be resettled in North America or Europe.

In Egypt, the plight of the Coptic Christian minority appears to be worsening. Just this week, the Egyptian security forces killed a Coptic Christian man and wounded scores of others who were protesting against the government’s intention to demolish a Christian-owned structure.

Hardly a day passes without reports of violence against members of the Coptic Christian community in various parts of Egypt. Most of the attacks are carried out by Muslim fundamentalists.

According to the Barnabas Fund, an advocacy and charitable organization based in the United Kingdom, “Fears for the safety of Egyptian Christians are growing after a series of false allegations, violent threats and mass demonstrations against Christians in Egypt.”

Muslim anger was ignited by unfounded accusations that Egyptian Christians were aligned with Israel and stockpiling weapons in preparation for war against Muslims.

The Barnabas Fund noted that Egyptian authorities have been accused of complicity for political reasons in the escalating sectarian crisis.

Palestinian Christians have also been feeling the heat, although they their conditions remain much better than those of their brothers and sisters in Iraq and Egypt.

Last week, the Western-funded Palestinian Authority in the West Bank arrested a Christian journalist who reported about differences between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and senior Fatah operative Mohammed Dahlan. The journalist, George Qanawati, manager of Radio Bethlehem 2000, was freed five days later.

In the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, the tiny Christian community is also living in fear following a spate of attacks by radical Islamic groups.

The failure of the international community to pay enough attention to the dangers facing the Christians encouraged radical Muslims and corrupt dictatorships to step up their assaults on Christian individuals and institutions.

When Muslim fanatics cannot kill Christian soldiers or civilians in the mountains of Afghanistan or on the streets of New York, they choose an easy prey: their Arab Christian neighbors.

6 thoughts on “Muslim Genocide of Christians Throughout Middle East”

  1. The arab countries are competiting in blatant hypocrasy and crime,
    it shows that islam is a religious system of (too many) pieces.
    and the muslims in europe and america fear backlash.
    They will all reap what they sow.
    Nobody is going to care about you and your reli-system as result of
    your indifference towards the human suffering caused by all the
    lunatic practices performed by your indoctrinated, extreme and
    fanatic is lame-followers.

  2. Dont hold your breath! Until the wealthy Christian (and Islam thinks we all are wealthy and by comparison we are much richer in all the things that matter) there will be no respite from their terrorism.

    Many people of Christian backgrounds in the West, have yet to be touched by the evil of Islam. Until this happens we will stay the same. We have put in place in our society a state of permanent adolescence. Things are not tough enough for our kids. We too are spoilt. So, sorry to say there will be no signigicant changes until more of us are hurting. I am not a deeply religious person, but it does appear that the values we hold dear whether Christian or not – compassion has been lost. We will have to strenghten our society in many areas to stop the invasion. I cannot see this any time soon.

  3. We mideastern Christians have suffered a lot from the savage barbarians Muslims… The said thing is that our church never took major decisions when bad things happens… It’s like they turn the blind eye when Muslims attack us…Or trying to be more accepting or I don’t know for what reason, someone could stand up like this and never take actions…

    We are infected by this cancer – Islam-, it’s maybe too late for us since many have left the east and went to the west away from Islam and Muslims over the years… Learn from our experiance, but never do the same mistakes as us. Never give up to muslims, all they want is to destroy what’s “NOT MUSLIM/ISLAMIC” including you.
    It’s not only in them, it’s in their book, their Quran.

    Never do the same mistakes as us, trying to build a country with muslims it’s like putting oil over water. It will never succeed. Wars will happens always, until you’re a “Dhimmi”. Even then, you won’t be safe from barbarism.

    Before the cancer integrate into your socieities in the west, hurry up and learn from your mistakes, so that your descendant won’t endure the same conditions as us!

  4. “they turn the blind eye when Muslims attack us…Or trying to be more accepting”

    That’s dhimmitude. That is the self-induced fearful apathy that comes with the belief that everything one says or does will only make things worse. And so you keep feeding the crocodile in the hope it will eat you last.

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