Muslim Lynch Mobs Attack & Kill Christians in Egypt, World Yawns…..

Egypt charges 156 Christians for clashes over the building of a church

The controversy started when Egyptian authorities halted the construction of a church. Traditional Islamic law, which is not fully implemented in Egypt, forbids non-Muslims to build new houses of worship or repair old ones. “Egypt: 156 detained over Christian riots,” from AP, November 25 (thanks to JW):

CAIRO – Egypt’s prosecutor general leveled severe accusations Thursday against 156 Christians, including explosives possession and attempted murder, following clashes with police over the building of a church.

One person (at least five) died and 68 others were injured when security forces halted construction on a church citing violations of building permits.

Angry Christians hurled stones while riot police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets near the church and later in clashes outside the governor’s office.

The prosecutor general ordered a renewable 15-day-detention for those arrested, on accusations of sabotage, assault, possession of explosives and attempted murder of police.

Update: Muslims burn crosses in Egypt

“The Muslims reportedly set several crucifixes alight and threw stones at the Copts…” Islamic supremacists in Egypt are very different from the KKK, but as they burned crosses in their recent clashes with Copts, their motive is the same as that of the KKK: to intimidate, to frighten. They want to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60).

An update on this story. “Egypt: Coptic pope Shenuda III deplores ‘anti-Christian’ violence,” from AKI, November 24/via JW

Some 15 police officers were injured in the clashes. No one arrested or charged over the death of one protester, killed after being shot in the thigh according to forensic reports.

Coptic Christians make up about 10 percent of Egypt’s population of 80 million. They complain frequently of discrimination, though they generally live in peace with the Muslim majority despite occasional flare-ups of violence, especially over limits on church building.

In his first comment after riots, Egypt’s Coptic Pope Shenouda III blamed the local authorities of using violence against the Christians….

The construction had been ordered halted in this case because the building was not licensed to become a house of worship, a government statement said….

The Coptic community says authorities in Egypt are reluctant to approve permits to build churches, which they say they need to accommodate growing numbers of worshippers.

Human rights groups say attacks on Copts are on the rise, underscoring the government’s failure to address chronic sectarian strains in a society where religious radicalism is gaining ground.

Here’s a more detailed report in German:

Ägyptische Soldaten lynchen Christen

5 thoughts on “Muslim Lynch Mobs Attack & Kill Christians in Egypt, World Yawns…..”

  1. Arabia media pretending that is fishy before Egypt’s election
    But in fact this kind of crimes against Copts is since long time
    Some will try to pretend that they are all Egyptians copts or Muslims & show off but reality is no more real security for Christians.
    Look at this group of activist & what they are saying & planning for friday, do you believe they do it because they care about Christians ?
    I don’t think so.

  2. In much the same way that Blacks can’t be RACISTS, thats a label reserved WHITEY alone, in the eyes of the Lame Stream Media and with left wing moonbats in general Christians can’t be persecuted. Especially not by that protected species the ‘perpetual victim’ Race Card playing Mohammedans, they can only persecute.

  3. * “The Muslims reportedly set several crucifixes alight and threw stones at the Copts…”

    Nothing to see, until someone burns a blasphemous koran, or even threatens to burn one.

  4. Protests over block on church of the Pyramids.

    “The government discriminates against Christians”

    168 Copts are still in jail (including 20 children) arrested during the demonstration on November 24 against the block on construction of the church opposed by radical Muslims. Appeal to Mubarak to punish those who authorized the use of weapons.

    blocked construction of the church near the Pyramids. During the demonstration on November 24 security forces opened fire on the unarmed crowd that surrounded the headquarters of the governor of Giza, killing three people. A child of four was killed, suffocated by tear gas. Several dozen people were injured as a result of the brutality of police repression, among them 38 children.

    Security forces arrested 168 Copts, who are still detained, among them there are 20 minors under 18 years of age who are confined in juvenile detention center in Al Marg. A request for their release has also come from International Christian Concern (ICC), an organization based in the United States that monitors the situation of Christians in the world. On 4 December, the Egyptian head of the Union for Human Rights, Naguib Ghobrial, organized a demonstration outside the High Court of Egypt which was attended by both Christians and Muslims to demand the release of prisoners, particularly minors, and that charges be brought against the governor of Giza and the Head of Security who authorized the use of live bullets against the demonstrators on November 24. Aidan Clay, direttore regionale per il Medio Oriente per Icc, ha detto: “Mentre la maggior parte degli attacchi contro i copti sono commessi da gruppi di musulmani, l’attacco sui manifestanti disarmati è stato il primo, a memoria recente, autorizzato da una branca del governo e compiuto da forze di sicurezza egiziane. La persecuzione anti-cristiana in Egitto sta raggiungendo un nuovo livello, dal momento che i copti non sono solo discriminati, ma sono presi a bersaglio e uccisi dal governo. Chiediamo al presidente Mubarak di agire immediatamente per perseguire chi ha autorizzato l’attacco e liberare i manifestanti detenuti, in particolare i ragazzi. Se non fa così, sarà chiaro che il regime di Mubarak e i tribunali egiziani autorizzano e incoraggiano la violenza contro i cristiani”.

    Aidan Clay, regional director for the Middle East for ICC, said: “While most attacks against Egypt’s Coptic Christians are committed by Muslim mob violence, the Talbiya attack on unarmed protestors was the first incident in recent memory authorized by branches of the Egyptian government and carried out by Egyptian security forces. Anti-Christian persecution in Egypt is reaching a new level, as Copts are no longer merely discriminated against, but are in fact being targeted and murdered by the government. We urge President Hosni Mubarak to take immediate action by bringing those who authorized this attack to justice and by releasing those who have been arrested unjustly, especially the children. If action is not taken, it will be clear to all that Mubarak’s regime and Egyptian courts condone, and even support, government induced violence upon Christians”.

  5. Guess what Egypt’s Muslims do with Christians…

    Christians considered second-class citizens in what some Americans call “ally” (Egypt)

    Acually, life as a dhimmi is not “second-class” – it has no class at all.

    “Over the last 10 years, there have been multiple Christian massacres in Egypt. There have been gangsters who have gone to Christian neighborhoods for the last 10 years now. It’s been happening periodically,” Hakim stated. (Source)

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