Update from Eye on the world:

The insolent extravagance of America’s worst president will be remembered for centuries.

34 warships, a fleet of limousines, several private luxury jets are off to India for Obama’s $2 billion trip

That’s $2 billion with a ‘B’, while unemployment is staggering and millions are out of work.

It gets worse:

Kilometer-Long Air-Conditioned Tunnel to Be Constructed for Obama’s Drive to the Gandhi Museum

Lord Obama is wasting our money so extravagantly on his India trip, it’s tempting to think of it as a petulant gesture of defiance in reaction to the widely foreseen trouncing his party received from taxpayers on Tuesday. Or is it somehow reasonable, when our country is staggering toward bankruptcy due to excessive government spending, to build a kilometer-long air-conditioned tunnel for him to drive through? (Moonbattery)

The “Climate Change” President

“Global Warming”, the last escape hatch for  losers and blowboys:

Now that the democrats lost the House, the Obama Administration is looking at other ways to destroy the economy:

Obama Will Likely Go Around Congress to Address “Global Warming” (Gateway)

A message from John Jay:

Hussein Obama has just said that America exercised a “privilege” to vote yesterday.

It is very important that you understand the difference between a “right” to vote, which you exercise, and the “privilege” that Hussein Obama would like to regulate.  Hey, he chose the word, he is a lawyer educated at Harvard, and a “law professor” (actually, he was a “lecturer,”  who taught Alinsky style subversion, and there is a very large difference between professor and lecturer) at the University of Chicago, a reputable institution at one time.  It is the difference between a camel and a rolls royce.

There are no accidents in choosing between the words “right” and “privilege,” so I have to conclude he meant precisely as he said, precisely as he read from his prepared remarks.  It is best you understand the difference, clearly.

Al Sharpton goes down with the Muslim POTUS:

Al Sharpton: Country Has Been Seduced into Hysteria Against the President  (PAM KEY)

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India Visit:

Monkeys to be kept at bay during Obama’s visit

“As several incidents of monkey-menace have been reported from the area, we are keeping a watch on the simians,” a police officer said.

Obama To Spend $200 Million Per Day On Mumbai Boondoggle While Wounded Soldiers Beg For Donations

He has reserved the entire Taj Mahal Hotel. All 570 odd rooms, banquet halls, restaurants, etc. In addition to hundreds of rooms in other 5 star hotels around Mumbai. Obviously no expense will be spared.

It seems to me that this is a fabulous expenditure of taxpayers dollars for a trip that has been described by The Global Post in this way:

The bottom line: There’s very little chance Indians won’t be disappointed with the outcome.