Please Help to Make an End to this BS!

Crazy but true: Iran and Saudi Arabia, countries that systematically violate women’s rights, are now poised to become governing board members of the new U.N. agency for women’s rights.

Islam elevates women

Elections will be held on November 10, 2010. The Asian group of states nominated Iran and Saudi Arabia on their uncontested 10-nation list.

The right of women and girls not to be hanged, stoned, or lashed for medieval crimes should not be turned into a joke.

Say No to Iran & Saudi Arabia Leading the U.N. Women’s Rights Agency. Add your voice, here!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Islam and Women´s Rights (Kitman TV)

4 thoughts on “Please Help to Make an End to this BS!”

  1. All humanitarian and civil rights global institutes are in islamic hands. Why shouln’t woman rights to?
    I agree with Mullah Lodabullah: FUCK THE UN!

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