Poll Result: Are we already living under sharia?

23   % believe yes

31   % live in denial

39   % say yes, people don’t even realize it

7    % don’t know what sharia is

New Poll:

Muhammad smashed almost 360 statues in the kaaba, which one did he leave?

1. Hubal

2. Al-Ilha, the moon-god

3. Buddha

4. Shaitan (Satan)

5. A black stone

6. Spaghetti  Monster

3 thoughts on “Poll Result: Are we already living under sharia?”

  1. ‘Spaghetti Monster’ is the right Answer,i know it because I have extensive knowledge in Koranimal business.

  2. 5. A black stone
    (which he pretended was #2. a moon god, only there are no moon gods or goddesses.)

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