Sowdi Barbaria: Body Of Indonesian Maid Found In Garbage

“Arabs are the best of peoples”- Muhammad, profit of Islam

Activists from the Indonesian Workers Association and Migrant Care stage a theatrical performance with a theme of torturing Indonesian maids in Saudi Arabia in front of the Royal Saudi Arabia Embassy in Jakarta Friday (Jawa Report: SA: Body Of Indonesian Maid Found In Garbage
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Disgusting murderous douchebags some of those Saudi employers are.

Via TheAge

Indonesia is demanding an investigation into reports that a domestic worker was allegedly killed by her employer in Saudi Arabia and thrown into a garbage skip – the second case of maid abuse to emerge this week.President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was speaking to reporters on Friday after a cabinet meeting called to discuss the need to protect hundreds of thousands of Indonesian migrants who flock to the Middle East in search of work.

Too many of the migrants face slavery-like conditions, torture, sexual abuse and even death, human rights groups say.

Indonesian Minister of Labour Muhaimin Iskandar said on Friday an embassy team was dispatched to the Saudi town of Abha to look into allegations the 36-year-old maid, Kikim Komalasari, had been killed by her bosses.

But, but I thought Arizona is the bad guy here in human rights abuse? Obi One Administration did include them in reports to the UN. Maybe he needs to bow down more to King Abdullah to stop the abuse, that will fix it eh?

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  1. It shows that islam as a political, religious, judiscial, cultural
    and societal system is a complete failure.
    It could/can never dominate/rule the world.
    It changes the outward conditions just like all human systems,
    but the inner person remains corupt.
    That is why Yeshua says; “you must be re-born out of water and

  2. Hmmmm, don’t seem to remember them being quite as outraged over the torture of native Papuans by Indonesians a few weeks ago….

    Or the torching of Churches in Java…or the killing of International Aid workers in Aceh, or lashing of non muslims for drinking water during Ramadan…the list goes on and on.

    Maybe if the Indonesian Govt spent more time and money on improving the third world nightmare of corruption that is Indonesia, less of their people would be heading overseas to find work to support their families?

    Just a thought…

  3. Arabs are ethnically RACISTS and Islam is religiously racist i.e. anyone not a Mohammedan is second class so what do you expect.

  4. Racists are rife within Islam. We, the Infidel are no better than an animal and we all know how they treat them. Any abuse is good enough for us. These working women we presume are Muslims too. Such is the value of the female in Indonesian society. I hope Ms. Gillard keeps a clear picture in her mind next time she bows down low to the President. O that’s right, Bali never happened! Neither did Balibo. Neither did East Timor.

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