Steyn: Pat down of Obama might provide the "definitive answer" "if he's got his birth certificate down there"


Lt. Col. Terry Laikin refuses service till Obama shows his BC

Whether you believe in the ‘birther’ thing or not, the fact that a sitting president had overtly had all his school and other records sealed would never have been accepted from any other president in US history. Something is most definitely rotten in Washington.

Haha! The only thing good about Soros financed Media Matters is that they’re keeping tab on us:

Steyn bets that “Stalin, Hitler, and Mao are kicking themselves” for not thinking up environmentalism

Indeed. “Global Warming” was never more than the greatest transfer of wealth in human history to undeserving third world despots….

Dare to compare:

Cancer survivor forced to show prosthetic breast to TSA agents during airport pat-down

A flight attendant and cancer survivor has revealed her horror at being forced to show her prosthetic breast to a security agent during a pat-down at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (Daily Mail)

Enemas for all…. except for Muslims:

Napolitano considering Hamas-linked CAIR’s demands for Muslim women in airports, including the “self-pat-down”

The Department of Homeland Security needs to clarify its position here without delay.CAIR advised Muslim women in the press release quoted here that:

“Instead of the pat-down, you can always request to pat down your own scarf, including head and neck area”… (Jihad Watch)

Thought I was joking?

Passengers will now be screened by colonoscopy….. WaPo

Napolitano announced that in conjunction with American proctologists, passengers will now be screened by colonoscopy. “This of course requires the understanding and cooperation of the traveling public,” said Napolitano. “People will have to show up a little earlier for flights, and they’ll have to fast for the preceding 24 hours and apply home enemas. But our data show that most American travelers now are in the age group where this should be normal procedure anyway, so this shouldn’t impose undue hardship. Once they understand the benefits, we’re certain the American people will fully support PROBES.”   (WaPo)

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  1. I have already suggested this earlier on another site, Face book. Why should this known muslim leader, his wife and children be exempt from pat down searches. Obama is the most dangerous man in the world today and as his term draws to an end, he will get even more dangerous. The man is pure evil and that is his magnetism.

  2. |Thank You for the video, we will hold the speaker in our prayers.



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