UK Backlash Watch: "Masked men threw bottles of beer and urinated on a mosque…"

Beer thrown at mosque following Kingston protest march

Surrey Comet/thanks to Mullah

Masked men threw bottles of beer and urinated on a mosque following a march against Muslim extremism.

(Who were the “masked men?” Could it be that someone is playing dirty tricks on the EDL? Who would do a thing like that?)

Bacon was also left on cars near Kingston Mosque during the attack by a group of 10-15 youths on Sunday.

Kingston Mosque claimed baseball bats were also used in the incident on East Road, but this was not confirmed by police.

However officers did recover two pieces of wood near the scene.

Police were called to the mosque at 1.15pm and arrested three white males, who have since been released on bail without charge.

Rizwan Khaliq, spokesman for the Kingston Muslim Association, said: “Under the pretence of protesting against extreme elements within the Islamic faith, a group of masked men congregated outside the mosque shouting obscenities at the mainly elderly congregation inside.

“They urinated against the mosque walls, threw beer-bottles, and used baseball bats to smash windows.

“It is a miracle that nobody was injured and only superficial damaged was caused.

“Such despicable actions have no place in our community and it is something that we must all unite against.

“All decent folk must come together and unite against the hate agenda – which has no place in our community.”

Muslims are forbidden from eating pork by the Koran.

Earlier on in the day about 60 people holding Union Jacks and a large wooden poppy had chanted “Muslim bombers off our streets” as they marched through Kingston.

The protest had appeared to pass off peacefully and the crowd had dispersed from Clarence Street by 12.15pm.

Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Greenslade said police were investigating any link between the attack on the mosque and the march.

However Ben Baty, 20, of Sunbury, who organised the march, said: “I think it’s disgusting. It’s the kind of behaviour I thought my march would not attract. I wanted people from other communities to feel welcome.

“Even when people were shouting ‘Muslim bombers off our streets’ I was not happy but obvously people did not know how to express themselves.

“I’m saddened and shocked this happened because I thought the group there was very well behaved. Hopefully these people will be brought to justice.”

Mr Baty said the march was against extreme Islam and poppy burning.

11 thoughts on “UK Backlash Watch: "Masked men threw bottles of beer and urinated on a mosque…"”

  1. what double standards these muslims have, don’t they? its okay for muslims to burn churches, kill christians, kill hindus, KILL any non muslim in their own backward Islamic countries, while justifying it all in the name of their “religion” but a few smashed windows and rashers of bacon ( NO loss of life, mind you) and the whining muslims are calling this minor behaviour “despicable”!! gee only a few days ago these same whining turds were shouting obscenities at returned soldiers and burning poppies!! why has THAT not been pointed out to them? all muslims should be deported as undesirable aliens, and those born in Britain should be dealt with as traitors to the country!!

  2. What breathtaking hypocrisy!!! The muslims cause far more offence to us, when they burn poppies, make a noise during the 2 minutes remembrance silence, call our soldiers baby killers and murderers, say we shall all burn in hell and that islam will dominate the world.

    The Wet Midlands Police say that the EDL are causing muslim radicalisation because of their protests, which is crap. However, on that basis, I believe muslims are causing the radicalisation of the English. You remember them, the people with no parliament, that race which according to Jack Straw, is a race not worth saving? Yes we are still here and we are fighting for our Country and our very existence.

    By the way, I am not a member of the EDL. However, I do support their views, very much.

  3. I am with kaw on this one – when sympathy starts to be with the other side, muslims tend to invent ‘hate crimes’ to get even more legislation passed. As a vegetarian, I find the ram/sheep sacrifices much more offensive than a slice of bacon. Their religion forbids eating it, not using it as a projectile weapon.

    Now a sensible government would have pointed out to the muslim community that all those ‘offensive’ CCTVs were there to protect them from ‘islamaphobia’.

  4. Al Jizz notices the UK backlash:

    Is a storm brewing in Europe?

    [On platform one at Bolton train station in England a mob of about 100 men punch the air in unison as a chant – “Muslim bombers, off our streets!” – goes up. Their voices echo loudly, and as more men suddenly appear, startled passengers move aside. The protesters wave St George’s Cross flags – the red and white English national emblem – and raise placards. Some wear balaclavas, others black-hooded tops. There is an air of menace.]

  5. Now the muslims know why the world is against the wearing of burqa’s it would seem by their own words. Masked men! They couldn’t identify these people. How’s getting a dose of your own medicine?

  6. Throwing beer bottles and pissing on the mosque is very sad indeed. They should have rented a helicopter and covered the mosque with pigs fat and then made it known to them. This is the easiest way to rid an area of these muslim bastards.

  7. kaw, I think you have a very valid point.
    I have seen Muslims use this tactic before and they have been caught in the act.
    It’s too bad the culprits who threw the beer and urinated on the mosque weren’t caught. I bet one of their names was Ahmed.

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