UK Police Chief: "Far Right Causes Jihad- Too Bad We Have No Power to Stop Legal Demonstrations…"

West Midlands police: Far right marches “drive muslims to militancy”

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The West Midlands police is building quite a reputation for putting the cart before the horse and turning the truth on its head. We all remember “Undercover Mosque” and the lawsuit against the brave people from Channel 4 who produced it. The latest outrage is surely that the British police is now actively protecting hateful jihadists who insult returning soldiers in the vilest way and burn poppies in front of patriotic Brits.

(Reuters) Demonstrations by far right groups like the English Defence League (EDL) act like recruiting sergeants for Islamic militants across Britain, the head of a regional counter terrorism unit said on Friday.

Detective Superintendent John Larkin from West Midlands police said EDL marches and counter-demonstrations often ended in violence, with evidence they end up pushing some members of the community towards radicalisation.

“In some areas, we have evidence that once they have gone … there’s fertile ground for those groups (to say) ‘this is the way white Western society sees us,'” he told BBC Radio.

“And that’s a potential recruiting carrot for people and that’s what some of these radicalisers look for — they look for the vulnerability, for the hook to pull people through and when the EDL have been and done what they’ve done, they perversely leave that behind.”

Tommy Robinson on BBC live 5 (thanks to Vlad Tepes)

No good comes from Al Beep:

He said it was especially true if high-profile demos ended in the destruction of Muslim property or violence against community members.

The EDL has held numerous demonstrations and marches against what it calls Islamic extremism in Britain since the group emerged last year.

Another is planned for Preston city centre in Lancashire on November 27 against the expansion of a local mosque. Police say it is likely to attract a counter-demo from Unite Against Fascism.

Further demos are planned in Harrow against Halal menus in schools on Jan 15 and in Luton on Feb 5 against the “Islamification of England and in support of free speech.”

A founding member of the EDL was charged with assaulting a police officer last week during a Remembrance Day protest in London where a group calling itself “Muslims Against Crusades” set poppies alight.

The Home Office said the government condemned all those who “create distrust and divisions between communities, and remains determined to stamp out racism and extremism.”

However, it said it had no power to ban lawful demonstrations.

Officers interviewed by the BBC also said they were concerned about youths being radicalised in prisons — a problem flagged up by security experts in a report for the Royal United Services Institute in the summer.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson said it was “ridiculous” to blame his organisation for home grown radicalism.

“9/11 was our fault? 7/7 was our fault? there’s been 17,000 terrorist attacks since September 11th — I guess they’re our fault,” the BBC quoted him as saying.

The West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit was set up six years ago, the first outside London. Its best-known success came in 2006 when it foiled a plot to kidnap and behead a serving British Muslim soldier.

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  1. This is an article from the EDL website which demonstrates the lengths to which the agents of the British state are going in order to usher in sharia norms into the United Kingdom.

    Europe News

    The West Midlands police, by apparently restricting freedom of expression, are effectively enforcing sharia norms under which criticism of any kind against Islam is strictly forbidden, and as such are no better than the sharia enforcers of Saudi Arabia. This is England – we have the right not to be subjected to sharia! Freedom of expression in England is sacred, more sacred than the hurt feelings of those who wail and scream when people do not subscribe to their 7th century creed, or the dude that founded it.

    EDL Team Threatened With Arrest!

    So where do we begin in this sorry political saga?

    Ok we have a dedicated Police Liaison Team who have worked tirelessly with the Police to ensure we can facilitate a peaceful protest in Dudley. Many peoples of varying race, creeds, colours and religions are voicing their concerns about the growing problems of Islamist influence in the Black Country. Local people have been ignored for far too long, councillors are overruled in the High Court, and once again Islamist intimidation is having a profound effect on local politics and policing.

    It was only a couple of days ago that our Police Liaison Team had a meet with West Midlands Police to finalise any outstanding details regarding the Dudley protest. Prior to this we had a meet with them and Kirk Dawes QPM, (Kirk was a very fair man and we appreciated his constructive input) who is the managing director of the “centre for conflict”. At this point we would like to remind our members, the general public and West Midlands Police themselves that we had ALL arrangements dealt with over two weeks before the Newcastle demo date with Northumbria Police, the Newcastle demo passed off peacefully with ZERO arrests as a result of dedicated liaison and co-operation with the local Police Force, we can’t thank Northumbria Police enough for helping us facilitate awonderful peaceful protest. It just goes to show that even Chief Superintendent Graham Smith recognised this who said, and i quote……

    “Thank you also to the organisers of all these events for their co-operation. We have worked closely with them to minimise disruption to the city”

    Isn’t that proof that we can, and indeed do protest peacefully with the full co-operation and help of local Police Authorities?

    Well not with West Midlands Police it would seem!

    Even though previous meets were positive with other members of the Police Force one character seemed doggedly determined to rubbish any suggestions put to him, that man is Chief Supt Tom Coughlan, the man was more concerned with our members holding up broomsticks with banners attached, he wanted us to use bamboo instead, so obviously we pointed out to him that bamboo would not carry the weight of our banners anyway, so we offered to cushion the wood with pipe lagging if needed, his response was that we could take it off therefore it could be used as a weapon. Wait a minute, didn’t “Muslims Against The Crusades” actually have flags and banners with wood attached? So its ok for a fascist organisation (that is another incarnation of Al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK) like theirs to hold banners supported by wooden broomsticks but not the English Defence League?

    The duplicity in the application of law can be seen from many angles, one rule for them, and one rule for us. When the Dudley two were arrested Muslims were threatening and calling for violence, one Muslim male was arrested and then a senior member of the Dudley Muslim community actually threatened to have thousands of Muslims take to the streets if he was not released, a vey senior Police Officer admitted this to us in a previous meet! The Muslim inciting violence was released within a few hours; it took the English Defence League over two weeks to have the Dudley two released from remand and they were not advocating or even threatening violent acts! So where was the law being applied equally in that circumstance then eh?

    Frankly speaking we are quite literally being discriminated against, we are not a terrorist organisation, we are not fascists, we oppose fascism, yet we are treated very differently to Islamist fascists, in fact it’s fair to say we are being treated worse than Islamist fascists for standing up FOR our country, its culture and even ironically its rule of law!

    Every suggestion, every compromise, every chance our Police Liaison Team gave West Midlands Police to help facilitate a peaceful protest was rubbished by this man, it was very apparent that we could no longer discuss matters with him as he so obviously engineered a way to completely disrupt and disengage from common sense and a will to make things go safely and peacefully. This man is in fact actually helping to put people’s lives at risk with his agenda of disengagement; this is something that the English Defence League will not be held responsible for.

    We are not making any kind of threat in saying such things but the reality is that peaceful demonstrations are in fact something that must be facilitated as outlined in articles 18, 19 and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is also enshrined in The European Court Of Human Rights however the irony is that they have actually used a section 14 to destroy any hopes to facilitate a peaceful demonstration. Yes this sneering Police incompetent actually enjoyed handing these notices to our Police Liaison Team, that much was apparent. Our team made it perfectly clear we only ever wanted to work with them, we were not going to agree on all issues but for the sake of our member’s safety and that of the general public’s safety we had to co-operate. This unfortunately has fallen on deaf ears, as if West Midlands Police actually want it to go bad?????

    West Midlands Police have made their intentions very clear from this article where Chief Supt Tom Coughlan states “We have a duty to allow protesters to do so peacefully, but incitement to hatred or violence or other crimes against people or property will be dealt with firmly.

    “Previous experience has allowed us to fine-tune our response and tactics and as a result we are better prepared than ever to ensure the demonstration occurs with the maximum regard to public safety.”

    West Midlands Police also stated that “intelligence and tactics would help keep order”, how the hell is the denial of our right to peacefully protest against Sharia law and Islamist influence within the West Midlands amount to an “intelligent and tactical” decision??? Something that denies our right to peaceful freedom of assembly and protest is actually only going to cause more frustration within the varied communities who stand with us. The English Defence League give people a voice, and West Midlands police are wholly against it, it would seem.

    Is it any surprise that Police have also not ruled out imposing restrictions on any protest as the date gets closer, in the interests of public safety.

    Chief Supt Tom Coughlan is obviously a bit of a fantasist, who seems to think that all ills of today’s Britain comes down to “social factors” while at the same time bragging about ending gangrelated crime in Birmingham within the next year. Mr. Coughlan does seem to live in peculiar world of his own, so much so that even Dr Derrick Campbell, a government advisor on gangs and chief executive of Race Equality Sandwell finds him ‘Strangely naive’. We can cetainly agree on the part about being “strange”, not so sure about the naive though! Because one cannot help but think that this “strange” analysis of Coughlan is indeed in one way or another influencing his professionalism in these matters. And let us not forget that the West Mdlands Police have a most curious track record when it comes to opposing hate speech in their Muslim communities. In much the same as they now target EDL for opposing the outrageous Muslim hate-preaching going on in every second mosque, Channel 4 got the excact same treatment after exposing the subversive activities of numerous mosques in the West Midlands. So how does that bode for a protest movement like the English Defence League?

    In fact would Assistant Chief Constable Anil Patani of West Midlands Police (the man who unjustifiably tried to have the Channel 4 Dispatches team charged on racial and religious hatred laws for “Undercover Mosque”) like to come out with some kind of statement recognising our right to contest Sharia Law and Islamist influence? I find it quite ridiculous that the English Defence League are bashed for “costing the taxpayer” in Policing our events but when Anil Patani costs the taxpayer £100,000 in trumped up racial and religious hatred charges and libel costs for a group of people who have made a FACTUAL documentary, then why should we accept that as another excuse to keep us from demonstrating? You can find all this information and West Midlands grovelling apology to the filmmakers on this link.

    In fact is it any surprise that Anil Patani’s Counter Terrorism Unit is one of the units assigned to investigate the English Defence League?

    You decide!

    So let’s make things perfectly clear on a legal basis for Chief Supt Tom Coughlan and his superior Anil Patani shall we?……..

    West Midlands Police are discriminating against us but they lack reasonable grounds to do so. They are deliberately singling the EDL and our Police Liaison Team out for no reason; the EDL is not a terrorist group or organisation. On top of this we now have local MPs stepping on eachothers toes eager to sign over our basic freedom of assembly to the whims of local police through new legislation, compromising the right to free assembly within the UK indefinately. Yesterday a certain Margot James, MP for Stourbridge, near Dudley, wrote to the Home Office asking that police powers be extended to enable them to ban all forms of protest on the grounds of public order when they have a case to do so. She says she is keen to maintain freedom of expression but “a loophole that allows the EDL to call their activity a rally not a march, so as to escape a potential ban, should be closed”.

    Is it just another “strange” coincidence, that we never heard a peep about such legislation in the last 50 years of socialist streetprotest dominance? You decide, but it certainly seem as if the hunt is now on for our freedom of association. Soon “hate assemblys” will be persecuted under a mask of “Human Rights”.

    There’s more, here….

  2. Total cop out: by that logic, you may as well also claim that children cause pedophilia, money causes theft, women ask for rape and elephants are responsible for the illegal trade in ivory! I’ll never understand the left wing train of thought that seeks to shift blame for crimes suffered onto the victim themselves!

    Islam causes terrorism, Mr Larkin, the sooner this is realised by our police and government, then resources and taxpayer money can stop being wasted on silly research that suggests any number of ridiculous reasons aside from the truth!

  3. * children cause pedophilia, money causes theft

    Or as Orwell put it:

    War is Peace ( islam is Peace in its current form)
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Power

  4. It seems Tommy Robinson is wrong and Anil Patani is not a Muslim, but a foolish Hindu tool who blindly aids and abets the Islamization of the UK. That makes him no different from the Kapos, or the Judenrat in the camps, who were hoping to survive by driving their own families into the gas.

    A state in denial needs reality checks


    It’s a failure easier to recognise in other people than in yourself – but everyone, if honest, will accept that they have occasionally fallen into a “state of denial”, that well-attested psychological phenomenon that consists in refusing to recognise the truth of a piece of information because it suggests that your own views are wrong.

    That the failing is common does not justify it. It simply makes it all the more important that procedures for making decisions, especially by authorities, should carefully guard against it: people in a state of denial make irrational, stupid and oppressive choices.

    The most charitable interpretation of the reaction of Anil Patani, the Assistant Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, to the Channel 4 documentary Undercover Mosque is that he was in a state of deep denial.
    The programme recorded preachers at the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham making remarks that were not only bigoted and full of hate but also bordered on incitement to murder. Abu Usamah, one of the main preachers, was shown saying: “Osama Bin Laden, he’s better than a thousand Tony Blairs, because he’s a Muslim”; “Allah has created the woman, even if she gets a PhD, deficient. Her intellect is incomplete”; and advocating that homosexuals should be “thrown off” mountains. Mr Patani’s reaction? To refer the programme makers to the Crown Prosecution Service for inciting racial hatred.

    He also referred the programme to Ofcom, the TV regulator, sending out a press release as he did so. Mr Patani’s press release claimed that “those featured in the programme had been misrepresented” and that it had “undermined community cohesion”. Those claims were blatantly false, as the Ofcom investigation itself made crystal clear. But why on earth did Mr Patani make them?

    He had no authority to censor the media, nor to assess whether it had done its job properly. Channel 4 had shown Abu Usamah the relevant parts of the programme before it was broadcast: he did not deny what he had said, nor did he try to get the programme prosecuted for being “misleading”. It was only Mr Patani who took that step. It is difficult to understand how Mr Patani could have persuaded himself that the programme makers were the problem – difficult until you recognise the power of the state of denial that he was in.

    No context could make Abu Usamah’s remarks anything other than bigoted and hateful, something that should have been particularly obvious to Mr Patani, who had seen all 53 hours of film that had been shot in the making of Undercover Mosque. Now he and his force have been made to grovel, as well as pay out £100,000 to settle the libel suit that Channel 4 discovered was the only way to get West Midlands Police to stop claiming Undercover Mosque had distorted the views of innocent, peace-loving preachers. But then Mr Patani is by no means the only person in authority to suffer from denial on this topic.

    His denial is very widely shared – which is why Mr Patani remains in his job, and why he won’t even be disciplined. The alarming truth is that much of Government policy towards radical Islam is based on Mr Patani’s delusion: if we pretend that radical Islamic preachers do not exist but are rather a creation of Islamophobic journalists, they will just go away. That sort of denial is extremely dangerous.

    But since the procedures of Government decision-making fail to guard against it, our only defence against denial is programmes such as Undercover Mosque. Without that kind of check, denial would take over Government policy completely. And it is not difficult to imagine what a catastrophe that would be.

  5. I see photographs and television news of muslim men demonstrating with hateful signs. One even said “England, your 9-ll is coming”. A British fiend of mine tells me that they are not allowed to oppose them.
    It appears that GREAT Britain has a death wish or are they only trying to further The New World Order as some in the USA are doing?

    I live in the USA

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