Happy New Year to all Winds of Jihad Readers!

Fireworks burst over Sydney Harbour to ring in the New Year at midnight, kicking off noisy celebrations for billions around the world to mark the end of 2011.

It’ll be interesting to know the tally for the annual “traditional” carbeques in France:

France’s “conservative”  government has attempted to “combat” the immigrant-origin annual New Year’s car-burning orgy by refusing to release any figures about the incidents in the hope that the lack of publicity will ‘kill’ the story.

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Spencer & Geller ''invent' Another Honor Killing

It was not an honor killing because the victim wasn’t beheaded, claims this Muselmanic dimbulb on Atlas Shrugs:

Click on image to enlarge!

Honor Killing: Christian Convert Mother of Three (Month-Old Baby, 2-year-old and 9-year-old) Brutally Murdered by Muslim Boyfriend on Christmas day

So this Muslim poster claims the victim converted from Islam to Christianity, which is punishable by death, (which is not disputed)  and  for this crime to be a properly  executed honor killing, the young mother should have been beheaded.

One single Muslim can carry  more mental baggage than all the lunatic asylums between Baghdad and Timbuktu.

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Three Obama Years in Pictures

Some good news:

Obama Czars Eliminated… Not!

The bad news:

Update: Obama Tells Congress He’s Keeping His Czars

It gets better:

Obama Recruits Qaradawi (Andrew McCarthy)

The surrender is complete now. The Hindu reports that the Obama administration has turned to Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s leading jurist, to mediate secret negotiations between the United States and the Taliban.

The Obamster administration is working with one of the worst Muslim Brotherhood headbangers…..

Washington— The U.S. House approved a $1 trillion spending bill on a 296-121 vote to fund the federal government. As part of a compromise struck late Thursday, the measure prohibits administration “czars” to oversee health care reform, climate change, the auto industry and urban affairs. (source)

American Spectator: Our Marxist Wizard of Oz

His mother was an unabashed hippie a Gramscian whore from 1960s central casting. His father was an openly avowed Communist  Muslim from Kenya. While his father wasn’t around much, his devoutly progressive grandparents arranged for him to be mentored during his adolescent years by a dues paying member of the U.S. Communist Party, Frank Marshall Davis.

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San Fran-area Muslim Community Association's "authentic" books on Islam preach brutality, intolerance, and jihad warfare

You might think Islam in the Silicon Valley would be extra progressive and tolerant. In this prominent case of “one of the largest Muslim communities in the US,” you’d think wrong.

Remember how often our comment-box apologists tell us they’ve never heard of the books discussed below, or that we’re cherry-picking one or two titles to tar Islam with one broad brush. Is the MCA cherry-picking titles to give Islam a bad name? “Silicon Valley Sharia,” by Kamala at WetPaint, December 27/JW:

Apple. Google. Facebook. Sharia?

Silicon Valley has become synonymous with modernity and innovation.

And naively, one might expect Islam in Silicon Valley to share the same traits: an advanced, forward-thinking interpretation.

Presumably, the Muslim Community Association (MCA) of the San Francisco Bay Area would serve as the stewards of such a perspective. Billing itself as “one of the largest Muslim communities in the US,” the MCA proudly proclaims that its members are “well-educated, well-traveled, and earn higher than average incomes in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Even the mayor of Cupertino (Apple’s hometown) recently visited an MCA Open House.

Yet the MCA’s own web site makes it clear that Silicon Valley Islam is anything but innovative. Their online bookstore, which features a small but revealing set of “authentic” books about Islam, yields an interpretation of Islam that is draconian and unbending: an Islam dedicated to bringing Sharia to the world.

One book, Man-Made Laws vs. Shari’ah, by Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Salih al-Mahmood, makes the case that Sharia is the only acceptable set of laws for mankind, arguing that anyone that believes otherwise is a disbeliever.

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The Trade in Homosexual Sex Slaves from Africa to the Middle East

There are no homosexuals in Islam. You can’t be a homo if you are married with children. That should clear up a lot of your misunderstanding of Islam. Makes sense?

The ongoing trafficking of homosexual sex slaves from Africa to the Middle East

It probably comes as no surprise to Jihad Watch’s regular readers that certain countries in the Middle East continue to traffic in slaves from Africa, with the authorities either indifferent or as willing accomplices. While we’ve written on this before, there’s now a novel twist. According to a recent media report, homosexual men in Kenya are lured to certain Middle Eastern countries with the false promises of lucrative legitimate employment, only to find themselves in involuntary servitude of the worse kind–as chattel and sex slaves of rich families and individuals. Remember, in Arabic the word for ‘black’ (as in black African) and ‘slave’ is the same: abed.

Diversity Means Replacing Everything… With Islam

Friedrich Nietsche:

“When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you…”

Here’s the Abyss. Warning! Extremely Graphic…!

‘We were sacked for being white and Christian’

Principal and his wife dismissed from Dubai-backed ‘multicultural’ college

Malory Nye says he was forced out by Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education because he was ‘not an Arab and not a Muslim’ (Daily Mail)

Religious tolerance and mutual respect is vital to civilised society. But gutless capitulation to other religions deserves nothing but contempt

We are told that our beliefs, culture and symbols – from a cross round someone’s necks to the celebration of Christmas itself – might be offensive to those who do not share our beliefs. In other words, we have to alter our behaviour because they won’t tolerate us. Our bigotry is bad. Their bigotry is enshrined in law.

This is crazy. There is a profound difference between tolerance on the one hand and cowardly appeasement on the other.

Army of Islam Top Dog Meets Virgins

Nice shooting

Israel killed the leader of an al Qaeda-inspired faction in an airstrike on the Gaza Strip on Friday, accusing him of launching short-range rockets into the Jewish state.  Five other Pal-Arabs were wounded and one of them needed hospital treatment…. (Vlad)

Soccer Jihad

French women’s groups protest FIFA decision to endorse hijab

 Three French women’s organizations have expressed concern and disappointment with world soccer body FIFA’s endorsement of a proposal to lift the ban on women players wearing a hijab, an Islamic hair dress, on the pitch.


Burqa Arrest Causes Riot

The incident arose when the police attempted to check the woman’s identity.

Police officer Roland Thiébault :“Her husband refused to let us carry out an identity check invoking the woman’s human rights. The couple became more and more aggressive . There was a violation of the ban on wearing the burqa. Resistance was offered to police officers. There was slander and threats were issued at the police.”

Islam wants to rule the world

Bischof Damian: Islam will die Welt beherrschen  (PI- in German)

The chairman of the central committee of Muslims warns us not to blame Islam for the mass-murders of Copts and elsewhere in  Islam- occupied lands. Bishop Damian tells us that Islam is very much responsible for the carnage…..

Waehrend der  Vorsitzende des Zentralrats der Muslime, Aiman Mazyek, davor warnt, den Islam als Auslöser für die Anschläge auf die Kirchen zu sehen, betrachtet Bischof Damian sehr wohl einen Zusammenhang und sagt: “Der Islam will die Welt beherrschen”

Maldives shuts down spa resorts over 'anti-Islamic' activities

Who needs investments and a tourist industry when you got Islam?

Protests led by Islamist opposition claims luxury spas are front for prostitution and called for their closure

The Maldives relies on its luxury spa resorts for much of its tourist income. Associated (with terrorists) Press

The government in the Maldives has ordered hundreds of luxury resorts to close their spas after a protest led by opposition parties demanding a halt to “anti-Islamic” activities.

Sunni Islam is the official religion in the Maldives and practising any other faith is forbidden.


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Hamas Front CAIR Wins Big Against Small Blog…


Bare Naked is back!

WordPress now saying that CAIR had nothing to do with their decision to take the blog of the web, (despite CAIR bragging about it all over the internet). But they still want it off by Jan. 6th.

“Bare Naked Islam” was “one of the major promoters of the campaign to pressure Lowe‘s to drops its ads from TLC’s ‘All-American Muslim.’”

“An anti-Muslim hate blog” that contained inflammatory comments has been taken down by its hosting company after numerous complaints from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, PR Newswire reports.

Planting hateful and incendiary comments on anti-jihad blogs is a long-time speciality of  Hamas lobby CAIR.

In a sane world this treacherous mob would have long been arrested and locked up in Gitmo, without Korans and ice-cream…

The Blaze has a lot more>>

Happy Submission, Muslims!

Well, now that we can no longer wish you  miserable lot  a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year,  we may as well play your game with one of the last  weapons that haven’t been taken from us yet:  HUMOR!

Thanks to KGS for the stunning pic!

Islam’s War on Christmas (FrontPage Magazine)

Each year, “misunderstanders of Islam” bomb, hack and shoot Christians honoring the birth of Jesus – while “true Muslims” never seem to be too bothered by it.

NY Muslims Won't Eat Interfaith Bagels With Mayor Bloomberg

Muslims To NYPD: Investigating Terror Is None Of Your Business

Gee, and Bloombugger was such a suck for them…..

 This is a naked attempt to intimidate the already compliant Bloomberg into dropping the last vestiges of anti-terror efforts in New York City.

Bloomberg is not the only useful idiot; looks like he is also surrounded by a bunch of kumbaya Jews, like Rabbi Michael Weisser, who believes he has “Muslim friends”. One of the invited  Muselmaniacs is Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid, who is about as ‘moderate’ as a halal butcher can be.

NEW YORK — A group of Muslim leaders terrorists says the N.Y.P.D.’s practice of infiltrating the Muslim community with undercover cops and keeping civilians under surveillance is unfair, and to protest they plan to boycott the mayor’s annual Interfaith Breakfast.   (Source:  Investigating Terror Is None Of Your Business)

New York Muslim leaders try to strongarm Bloomberg into dropping anti-terror efforts by boycotting his interfaith breakfast

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Fatwas of 2011  (Sassy Wire)

Child Slavery on the Arabian Peninsula (FrontPage Magazine)

The prophet of Islam was a slave trader, so perhaps that is why the Muslim world has such a hard time shaking the habit.