America's "National Treasure" Returns

Quote of the day:

The nice thing about socialism is that no individual is responsible for his own behavior. That means that if you screw yourself up, it’s society’s fault — and you can sue taxpayers: (Moonbattery)

Fuggly’s got another job:

Virginia Paper Hires ‘National Treasure’ Helen Thomas (

Marxist Nightmare Shaken:

MSNBC‘s Ed Schultz Declares ’Ideological War‘ on Republican ’Bastards’

“Give them the wealth” Czar Van Jones on the way out:

GOP Introduces Bill to Roll Back Executive Branch ‘Czars’ Government

A Tale of Two Congressmen:

Peter King and Keith Ellison: Bare Naked Islam explains why Ellison and his allies might worry about a “McCarthy-esque witch hunt”…..

“I was framed”

Baltimore would-be jihad mass murderer pleads not guilty, claims entrapment

No Honor Killing Plea Deal:

Write a letter for Noor Almaleki: No coddling of honor murderers in the U.S.

The best is yet to come:

Congressman Allen West appointed to House Armed Services Committee

Red States vs Blue States: