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UK: “pillar of the community” stabs rival through the eye

A youth worker who lived a double life as a ruthless gang leader was jailed indefinitely today for blinding a man by hacking a machete through his eyeball (Daily Mail)

Paki Taliban behead 2 Sikhs

PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD: Two Sikhs who were kidnapped over a month back have been beheaded by the Pakistani Taliban in the country’s restive tribal belt in a brutal act by the militants.  (Source)

Shiite rafidite dogs battle it out with righteous Sunni Muslims:

Police arrested 10 people in Patiya after lengthy clashes between Wahabi and Sunni sect members. During the extended fighting, people set fire to shops and homes of opponents and attacked each other with sticks.

Bath Houses must be un-Islamic

See: don’t say I told you so!

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in a bath house in southern Afghanistan that killed 17 people, including a senior border patrol officer.  (UKPA)

Niger: French Hostages Killed

France has confirmed that two of its citizens who were kidnapped from a restaurant in Niamey, the capital of Niger, on Friday have been killed. (BBC)

Muslims vs the smell of pork:

UK: Cafe owner to fight order to remove extractor fan because smell of frying bacon offends Muslims

Striking back at absurd British dhimmitude. An update on this story. “Cafe bosses in ‘bacon smell’ row to fight ban,” by Alex Scapens in the Manchester Evening News, January 5 (thanks to JW):

Muhammad was no prophet:

Journalists are not in the habit of writing “Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ” or even “Jesus Christ.” Whether you are religious or not, wouldn’t it be more neutral to write, “Islam’s prophet, Mohammed”?


The Christian Democrats want it to make it a crime to support organisations that have been listed as extremist or terrorist organisations, according to leader Göran Hägglund.  (source)

Finland: who wants to swim with Muslim women?

The City of Helsinki will stop reserving special hours for Muslim women to use the public pool in Jakomäki. In the future, the timeslot for Muslim ladies will be open to all women. (source)

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