Austria: Coptic community under protection after authorities find "hit list" of 150 Copts targeted for attack

From “let us protect your churches”  to “we know where you live” was just a tiny little step. But not to worry: we all know its just a tiny minority of excremists; what could go wrong?

And the threats on Muslim websites keep coming. These guys must be a bunch of Islamophobes, to be associating Islam with violence like that. Or, they’re a very busy gaggle of Zionist conspirators. It couldn’t possibly be anything else, could it?

More on this story. “Egypt: Flurry of threats against Copts posted on Islamic sites,” from AdnKronos International via JW, January 5:

Cairo, 5 Jan. (AKI) – Numerous threats to Egypt’s Copts have been posted on fundamentalist Muslim websites ahead of the Coptic Christian Church’s Christmas and in the wake of the New Year’s Eve attack in Alexandria, which killed 23 people.


A recent message posted on the al-Shumukh website and others considered close to Al-Qaeda addressed themselves directly to Coptic pope Shenuda III who was warned of “imminent new strikes” against Egyptian Copts.

One message on a forum promised that “we will strike you all in a new attack. We have warned you as Allah is my witness.”

A missive posted on website Mujahideen simply warned: “There will be new attacks very soon.”

The Coptic church of Saint Mary and Saint Mark in the Paris suburb of Chatenay-Malabry had reportedly been threatened. Copts in Germany have also asked for protection after receiving similar threats.

The Austrian interior ministry on Monday announced that that country’s Copt community was put under protection after the discovery of a list of 150 Copts targeted for attack. England has also implemented security measures.

Barnaba El Soryani, who is a religious leader for the Copt population in the northern city of Turin, in an interview with Adnkronos International said he has “asked for protection by the Italian police during a prayers” that will take place on 6 January, the day that marks Christmas Eve on the Coptic calendar.

5 thoughts on “Austria: Coptic community under protection after authorities find "hit list" of 150 Copts targeted for attack”

  1. Muslims do not realize that by attacking helpless and outnumbered Christians in the Muslim world, they are walking into a trap. When the boom is lowered, they can expect no sympathy from the Western public that could be used to pressure the Allied forces to excercise restraint.

  2. They are following their god into a trap, and will be destroyed in the time and manner of God’s choosing. (much of it as per Ezekiel 38 / 39)

  3. DP111,
    When the blow comes it will be final – the moderate muslims should be a little more active in trying to save their species because it is now all up to them.

  4. The clock is ticking away for the demise of Islam. How long do they think we will tolerate them. And, dont forget all you Muslim lovers in our Governments too – you will get booted and humilliated too and you wont get a job anywhere.

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