Bishop of Piraeus calls Islam "a catastrophic worship" that's incompatible with Greece's constitution…

The bishop of Piraeus is spot on.

But telling the truth this day and age makes EUrabia’s incompetent and corrupt Socialist polit-props explode like firecrackers.  Unfortunately  its not only the EUro-dhimmies this bishop needs to worry about, its the world’s 1.5 gazillion peaceful Muslims who will turn into firecrackers. Just wait for Friday prayers and watch when they come charging out of the mosques to cut his throat:

Greece condemns Orthodox bishop’s anti-Muslim remarks

Thanks to Mullah/Associated Press

ATHENS, Greece – The Greek government is condemning anti-Islamic comments by a senior Orthodox Church official, following protests from the country’s Muslim community.

Government spokesman George Petalotis says the remarks by Serapheim, bishop of Piraeus, “foment racial and religious hatred.”

The truth causes hatred and  Islamic terrorism causes harmony. Please tell me: isn’t there something wrong with this concept?

Commenting on the New Year’s Day bombing of a congregation in Alexandria, Egypt, the bishop described Islam as “a catastrophic worship” that’s incompatible with Greece’s constitution.

Serapheim urged the government to scrap the planned construction of a mosque in Athens for the city’s growing Muslim population.

Petalotis said Tuesday the government condemns such remarks “and rejects the mentality they express.”

And what mentality would that be?

9 thoughts on “Bishop of Piraeus calls Islam "a catastrophic worship" that's incompatible with Greece's constitution…”

  1. Bloody hell! why should we not hate them.

    Full marks and more power to the Bishop of Pireaus. We need more leaders like him, not the crap we are forced to swallow down.

  2. Yep, the Greek government would be well-advised to listen to the guy in the previous story. Anyone walking around with a tablecloth on his head must have great words of wisdom to offer us.

  3. The Orthodox have always taken the lead in the confrontation with Islam. It’s time for the Coptic and Melkite churches to renounce the dhimmi pact, and it’s also time for the Roman church to join the others in the denunciation of Islam.
    Christians will preserve the integrity of their worship by asserting the creed and by negating Islam.
    Islam is an errant monotheism.
    There is nothing of God in it.

  4. It’s truly amazing that the Greek political establishment is so uneducated in history.
    Anyone with even a cursory understanding of culture, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the development of the West and Islam would understand exactly where Orthodox Christianity was coming from and how brave such words really are.
    When do we reward courage?

  5. They are NOT “anti-muslim” remarks they are “anti-islam” remarks……. …..and they’re absolutely factual & truthful.

  6. A lot of the schizm between the two Christains Churches, Roman and Eastern Orthordox is perhaps the movement of scholars from Europe to Ireland. They kept the words of early Christianity in the written and beautifully illuminated work in the Books and this was in the Dark Ages. East and West need to heal the divide
    The Roman Church needs to get of its high horse and come to grips with Islam. It may take a long time as you can see how long it took for them to admit they had many paedophiles within their ranks and did untold harm to many children in their care. Their followers deserted them in droves. I was one of them. At the age of seven I would ask the nuns simple questions such as, “Jesus did not say we were not to eat meat on a Friday or we will go to hell’. They had no answer for me and they still dont. But, I copped many a strapping and I can still hear the Rosary flying on the desk.
    However, I came to realixe they did not bring the message of Jesus, and in fact they should never have been representing Him at all. And so too they were victims of a big fake. I still believe that the man Jesus did bring a new way of thinking and behaving toward one another and he was a great advocate for the rights of women. So there.,

  7. Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus is against the building of Muslim Mosques in Greece at the expense of Greek tax-payers. I love how those who are set against him pick and choose statements of his out of context to give the impression that they would like others to have. Business as usual, I guess.

    1. Actually, the money is part of the EU bailout package, because Greece went broke.

      Its the EUro-dhimmies in Brussels who cooked this up, corrupt, ignorant Marxists, Maoists and Internationalist blockheads from the sixties, Manuel Barroso, Herman van Rompuy, Red ‘lady’ Ashton, Daniel Cohn Bendit, (“red Danny”) etc.

      The only one who has kept his senses in this outfit is Michael Farrage, not enough to change course though……

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