Canada: Dire Straights "Money for Nothing" Song Banned

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

The Canadian left bans a Dire Straights hit for saying “faggot’ while siding with Muslims who openly murder people for being homosexual.

This is not a slippery slope. This is a well greased elevator shaft to totalitarianism.

Dire Straits’ ‘Money for Nothing’ should be censored, broadcast panel rules (From Yahoo News)

Any chance they replace it with Frank Zappa’s  “Bobby Brown?” Nah, I don’t think so…..

9 thoughts on “Canada: Dire Straights "Money for Nothing" Song Banned”

  1. Who would have ever thought that having sex with a man who frequents brothels, his mates bum, the local dog or sheep, in fact any orifice will do, would have an adverse effect on a womsn’s viral fighting mechanism You bet your chin strap beards it will.

    As for pork meat, it is very easy to tell that all Muslims eat pork and this could account for the lack of brainpower, or the the intermarriage thing. Whatever it s that is doing these things to muslims, they for sure wont figure it out.

  2. “Money for Nothing” was banned by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, a private association of broadcasters which has no legal authority. I heard this news on a Vancouver BC radio station 101 on FM which promptly played the uncensored version of the song in defiance.

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