"Democracy?" Under Sharia? But of course…!

Fox ambulance chaser  Geraldo Rivera is running around Cairo doing interfaith dialogue. “Nothing to do with Islam….” I’ll post a link asap.

A Christian Copt: “we totally trust our Muslim neighbors to protect us, they will stand with us…” Even Gerry Rivera, chronic distortionist, says “be careful what you wish for…”

Pamela Geller:

As the media goes about its business of dhimmi dog, the whitewashing of the Muslim Brotherhood which I predicted here: whitewashing the Brotherhood.

Check out Reuters. The Muslim supremacists know the left will do anything and align with anyone against America. Here is a member of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, on Saturday. “Islamic rule in Egypt would pose no threat to the West because it would be more democratic and broad-based than President Hosni Mubarak’s ‘dictatorship.'” The taqiya is spinning faster than Iraq’s infected centrifuges:

“That’s more important than declaring that a ‘new Islamist era is dawning’, because I know Islamists would not be able to rule Egypt alone. We should and would cooperate — Muslims, leftists, communists, socialists, secularists.”

Further, expect the America-hating, Israel-hating left to take to the streets in the USA, demanding the US assist the Brotherhood in ousting Mubarak.

CHICAGO (AP) — Thousands of people in Egypt who flooded streets in riots calling for President Hosni Mubarak to step down were joined Saturday by relatives and supporters at protests in major American cities.

“Mubarak will go. If not today, then tomorrow,” Magdy Al-Abady, 39, of Chicago, said during a demonstration downtown in front of the Egyptian consulate’s office. The genomics researcher, with an Egyptian flag draped over his shoulders, said his brother and parents were protesting in Egypt and he was speaking often with his brother.  (More)

Check this out from the warlike “anti-war” groups here.

Egyptian protests intensify, challenge 30 years of pro-U.S. dictatorship

5 thoughts on “"Democracy?" Under Sharia? But of course…!”

  1. Nuanced appeasement at the Boston Globe:


    The wrong friends
    The uncomfortable lesson of the uprisings in the Middle East

    [Decades of Western policy have pushed Middle Eastern governments toward secular reforms. But a more nuanced view of the region — one that values authenticity as much as Western dogma — suggests something different. If we are concerned about stability, balance, even openness, it may be Arab Islamic governments that offer a better route to those goals.]

    * It worked in Iran, so why not in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan …

    1. I used to feel like wanting to murder a liberal progressives, at times.

      Nowadays I feel like I want to murder all liberal progressives, all the time.

      But wait: isn’t that heated rhetoric that makes liberal progressives kill conservatives?

      Its all our fault, is it not?

  2. On the lips of a Muslim, the word: Democracy, is always a lie.
    Democracy is an ancient Greek invention.
    A feature of the West.
    Get fucking real.

  3. I’ve been looking at the “liberal progressive” response to these events, and it is extremely emotional. You’d think Egypt was one of the United States they way they’re carrying on about the “democratic” character of this “revolution.”
    This is nothing more than a rebellion.
    Eventually, with an Islamic state or without one, things will go back to the Oriental despotic regime.
    Even a republic, if it is Islamic, can be totalitarian. And outside the West, you can count more on totalitarianism than democracy.

  4. It also looks like Egyptians are trying to re-live some kind of imaginary victory over the colonizing powers of the late 19th century.
    Democratic tolerance? Oh please! That’s just so Western, so IMPERIAL!

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