Deporting Muslims? No Problem!

There doesn’t seem to be any problem with forcibly deporting Muslims … from Dubai


How many times have we seen a Muslim immigrant who makes speeches openly calling for the overthrow of our government, and who is not deported?  Or, is convicted of rape or other serious felonies, or spends their entire life here collecting welfare and health insurance, or in many other ways drains the resources of the kuffar while providing no concomitant benefit, and yet is immune to deportation?

We are told that the deportation of Muslim immigrants back to their ancestral homelands, to the lands where they spent their childhood, to the lands where the local language is their primary language and the local customs are their own familiar customs, would be a warcrime akin to genocide.  We are told that everyone has a right to come here, that our borders must remain open and immigration must remain unfettered.   To place any sensible limits on immigration is to be xenophobic and racist.

And yet…

In Dubai, Bangladeshi workers, who build those skyscrapers and scrub those toilets and drive those trucks and generally keep the place humming, went on strike.  They talked about organizing themselves and starting a union.  The government of Dubai responded by immediately starting deportation proceedings against them.

The fact that they are fellow Sunni Muslims is not as important as the fact that they are not ethnic Arabs.  In the eyes of their overlords, they are inferior and they are easily replaceable.  A dime a dozen, or more accurately $200 a month per worker on average.

The Bangladeshis had the temerity to ask for an additional $50 a month, and without even a “fine how do you do,” they will be immediately thrown out on the next flight.  Next!

There will be no enraged Muslims marching in protest.  There will be no denunciation from the UN or the “human rights organizations.”  There will be no case filed at the International Court of Justice at the Hague.  There will be no newspaper headlines, nor man-on-the-street interviews on television.

Read the article by Brian Murphy at Arab News here.

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  1. Sean Gabb And The Western Cultural Revolution

    An End to Guilt
    Dominant Western cultural revolutionary themes consist of the usual suspects: racism, multiculturalism, feminism, the normalization of homosexuality, equalitarianism and so forth. What is remarkable, though, is that while state sanctions may play a role in later stages of what elsewhere has been termed “Cultural Marxism” (Gabb does not employ this terminology), it is the general citizenry’s internalization of this new way of thinking that creates the ground for whatever subsequent sanctions may be necessary for those “just not getting it.” Older citizens who, in private, may express completely antithetical (that is, traditional) views will, when confronted openly, proclaim their support for new cultural norms. On the other hand, having been already schooled within the revolutionary milieu, the newer generation understands “instinctively,” and needs no convincing. For them, “new ideas” are self-evident, and not new at all. At the same time, Gabb holds that the ruling class, for their part, may well be completely cynical.

  2. Sheikh

    You will like this

    Pakistani judge attacks police for charging an 18-month-old child with murder
    (Karachi) Magistrate Javed Akhtar Mali sitting on the case of the murder of a 20-year-old man, went ballistic when the police brought forth an 18-month-old infant as the person behind the crime of slitting the throat of the victim. When he asked how an infant could slit the throat of a 20-year-old youth the police had no answer, except that the mother of the deceased had nominated the infant as the guilty party. When pressed, the mother stated that she didn’t name the infant but rather another man who shares the same name as the infant, but after paying a bribe, the police let him go.

    All charges against the toddler have now been dropped. The case continues.

  3. Does this really surprise anyone? And we have so many of them in our country. What does our future hold?

  4. You missed the 4000 workers that rioted in Dubai a couple of years ago. They deported them too. What you have to understand is that the royal families own the construction companies… So they pay little or nothing and essentially have slaves. Cause a problem in the UAE and you will wind up deported or in places like Al Razeen prison… You are no allowed to cause any problems. You may believe anything you want, but do not mess with others or the powers that be. I would be hesitant to enter many of the structures there due to the very real possibility that the workers got even by making substandard structures. Mix concrete incorrectly and you have a problem, and those workers know that it will happen after they leave. You get what you pay for…

  5. Companies in the UAE are totally unethical. If you work for a local company you are going to get screwed on pay and benefits. The government departments that are charged with looking out for workers do nothing, enforce no laws at all. That would be bad for business.
    The locals literally get away with anything.
    Outside companies that have something worthwhile to sell will be forced to have a local partner, who does nothing but puts his name on the paperwork. The royal partners are assured of business, but outside companies are going to get ripped off. Getting paid in the UAE is a problem, even dealing with the government. To get papers signed sweeteners like trips to the US must be used. The officials would sell their sisters for trips to the US, where they shop and party till they drop.
    This is all fact. I have seen it with my own eyes.

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