Fairy Dust & Delusions at Harry's: "Democratic Leftists" Lead Uprising in Egypt

The enlightened progressives over @ ‘Harry’s Place’ know what’s happening in North Africa:

“The will of the people”

There is no sign of the Muslim Brotherhood or other Islamists playing a major role so far. Clearly this revolt is, as in Tunisia, about government repression and lack of economic opportunity.

The Muslim Brotherhood is keeping a relatively low profile because the regime is more concerned about its impact than about that of other groups. But it is unlikely that either the Brotherhood or other Islamic groups will remain quiet, especially if demonstrations continue over the next few days.

After first proclaiming (perhaps wishfully) that the Egyptian government was “stable,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke:

The disease is real. There is no cure for all  this Hopn’change.

Democratic leftists lead uprising in Egypt” – read it and weep….

“An earthquake has shaken the region.” Sounds more like it………

“We undoubtedly have enough problems in order to justify a revolution,” a  journalist said.  Revolution? Sure. But it won’t be a Socialist revolution by “democratic leftists”. (Source)

Here’s Al Jizz:

2 thoughts on “Fairy Dust & Delusions at Harry's: "Democratic Leftists" Lead Uprising in Egypt”

  1. I think the whole world is headed for one huge calamity of civil unrest.
    The US is on the verge of the same as Obama keeps spending and spending. One cannot keep spending way beyond the GDP, using money that isn’t backed by hard currency.
    If China, Europe and Asia were to suddenly stop accepting US greenbacks where would that put the US position?
    Inflation in the US would soar, the dollar would trickle down to worthless paper and the country would be in the same position Germany was after WWI.
    Maybe this is what Obama is counting on…perhaps this is his method for gaining complete control of the government, just as Hitler did with Germany? Who knows?
    If Obama had to call in Martial Law due to civil unrest he would control all aspects of the government.
    All I can say is the shit is going to hit the fan sooner or later if the US doesn’t get its financial house in order.

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