Frattini wants to tie jiziya-payments to treatment of Christians

At last, someone is talking sense. However, it is extraordinarily unlikely that such a measure will ever be adopted. “‘Tie EU aid to rights for Christians’ says Frattini,” from ANSA, January 3 (thanks to JW):

Looks like Frattini plays a double game:

Franco Frattini has recently, with the help of dhimmi monkeys Carl Bildt, William Hague and Alexander Stubb, co-authored an op-ed piece demanding that Turkey, which treats its own Christians horrendously, be admitted to the EU. Perhaps he ought to review his position on the Ottoman-Anatolian Trojan horse if he truly believes what he has suggested should be done with regard to foreign aid to Muslim countries, since there could be no greater form of aid to  jihadists than allowing them unrestricted access to Western Europe. After all, one can’t be in favor of the mistreatment of Christians and against it at the same time.

And as you can see, Mr. Frattini’s dream of admitting Turkey into the EU wouldn’t open the floodgates of the demographic jihad to Turkey only, but to Syria, Iran and “neighboring countries” as well.

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  1. Good point – but an extension is required. Treatment of muslims in the West should be directly bound to treatment of non-muslims in muslim countries.

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