In Africa, people like him are dictators. In America, one of them became president….

WatchStunning Hypocrisy: Sharpton Bizarrely Rants Beck, Palin, Tea Party & Fox Trying to Take Away Civil Rights & MLK Legacy, Calls on Crowd to Not ‘Let Them’ – Same Day He Denounces Palin Rhetoric

MLK must be rolling over in his grave. People like Sharpton should keep their racist mouths shut.

“We’re going to build stuff and invent stuff.”

Comrades, you are hereby commanded to invent stuff. As for building stuff, the EPA and unions have made that infeasible. Nonetheless, Obama has “vowed to double U.S. exports in five years.” Bureaucrats command it; therefore, it will be done. That’s what five-year plans are all about.    Obama’s Five-Year Plan: Build Stuff and Invent Stuff (Moonbattery has more)

Van Jones Defines Social Justice

Van Jones: MLK Jr.’s dream with a green layer

In Van Jones’ world, there is no point to exerting any effort, because anything you make will be confiscated and redistributed, even assuming you are allowed to make it. All you can do is shuffle through life as a government slave.

It would be better to live in the forest as an animal than in liberal utopia. (Source)

4 thoughts on “In Africa, people like him are dictators. In America, one of them became president….”

  1. Fools dont you know that “stuff” is a highly technical term in Islam. But Mohammedans did not know all this Oil ‘stuff’ was right beneath their feet and they did not have a clue or the machinery ‘stuff’ to recover or refine it and no Mohammedan ever invented any ‘stuff’ that uses oil. Come to think of it Mohammedans never really invented any “stuff’ at all. So dont decry HUSSEIN the Mohammedan President of the USA and Community Organizer “stuff’ is about the most technical thing he has ever heard of.

  2. I have heard Sharpton referred to as a Reverend. I am a true Bible believing Christian in every sense of the word and as far as I am concerned, this blighter is nothing more than an imbecile, a mouthpiece for the devil. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this clown also belonged to a satanic cult as Obama’s spiritual adviser Wright. I wish that I could talk to this dumb freak and enlighten him as to whom he really serves.

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