Islam vs Bloggers: you have the right to promote Islam, or else….

Saudi Arabia to bloggers: Hey, guess what you’re going to write about!

And guess what you’re not going to write about. “Saudi Arabia Now Forcing News Bloggers to Obtain Licenses, Promote Islam,” by Neal Ungerleider for Fast Company, January 12:

The Middle Eastern kingdom has just enacted one of the world’s most stringent sets of blogging regulations: Non-citizens can’t write about news, chat room users are encouraged to register with the government, and everyone needs to be very careful about religion.

Pakistani interior minister to citizens: Stop talking about the blasphemy laws, report un-Islamic websites to authorities

That’ll fix everything. The blasphemy laws aren’t the problem, you see; it’s people talking about them when our modern, moderate Friend and Ally has decided there’s nothing to discuss. “Malik for blocking un-Islamic content on websites,” from The News, January 13:

Pakistani interior minister orders blocking of websites, text messages “promoting an anti-Islam agenda”

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik today directed the authorities to block websites and SMS “propagating an anti-Islam agenda” within 24 hours. An update on this story. “Pak to block websites, SMS’ propagating anti-Islam agenda’,” from Indian Express, January 13/JW>>>

Indonesian headbangers riot against Ahmadiyah’s

OIC slams “Islamophobia” in the West, says nothing about jihad violence or Islamic supremacism

It is, as always, all someone else’s fault. “OIC Slams Islamaphobia In West,” from Bernama, January 12:

ISLAMABAD, Jan 12 (Bernama) — The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has termed the institutionalisation of Islamophobia in the western countries as a major challenge, as it was becoming the political agenda in some countries, reports Iranian national news agency, IRNA, Wednesday.The OIC Secretary General, Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, in his meeting with Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, called for political support of all the member states to OIC for reversing their negative trend.

4 thoughts on “Islam vs Bloggers: you have the right to promote Islam, or else….”

  1. I have the right to defame Islam.
    I have the right to pick it apart and reveal the truth of wat Islam really is…at cult ideology devised by a mad, evil genius bent on terrorizing and enslaving the whole world.

  2. If Islam wasnt such a backward and malevolent load of rubbish that has conned people who are mostly incapable of thinking for themselves, and prefer a right to be sexual predators and deviants, perhaps they may have some respect.

    The number of immigrants of islamic origin who are involved in crimes and sexual molestation of the local women is staggering ..and its where ever they go.

    But then being civilised isnt what Islam is about but domination at any cost to the victims

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