Islamic Jihad & al-Quds Brigades Launch Barrage Mortar Shells & Rockets Towards Israel

We all know that Islamic Jihad & al-Quds Brigades have nothing to do with Islam,    real Islam means peace….   Pali Terrorists Launch Qassam Rockets at Israel (J’Post)

For any of you who don’t get it yet, Italian parliamentarian Fiamma Nirenstein explains why Christians are being attacked in Muslim countries.  Read the whole thing/Carl In J’lem

But you don’t need her explanation.  Just listen to the Muslims:

Algeria’s first president, (Ben Bella) in a lapidary formula:

What we want, as Arabs, is to *be*. However, we can only be, if *the other* is not’.

Why accusations that the Mossad was behind the Alexandria church attack should be cause for worry

Although it should be clear to anyone with half a brain that the accusations are patently false, Khaled Abu Toameh warns that the accusations against the Mossad in the Alexandria Coptic church attack, particularly coming from media affiliated with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s ruling party, should be cause for worry.

EU protects Syrians?

WTF? The EU’s Social Security system is collapsing, but they can still find time and money to assist Israel’s worst enemies  and concern themselves with their social protection?

EU grant to improve Syria’s social protection system

EXCERPT:The European Union is providing a grant of EUR 5 million to help improve Syria’s social protection system, the first time the EU provides support in the field of social protection in the country.  (IMRA)

One thought on “Islamic Jihad & al-Quds Brigades Launch Barrage Mortar Shells & Rockets Towards Israel”

  1. Dearest Israel,

    You have my permission to destroy any and all terrorist, muslim scum who attack you. This includes all who support them, feed them even a kernel of food to sustain them, and all other ancillary support staff of any and all agents of Hamas, Hezballah, Al Qaeda, ad infinitum.

    Please destroy them with great fury. You have my blessings. Shalom

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