Maids are just sex slaves for the soldiers of Allah

Normally they imprison the maids and rape them some more, before deporting them:

Kuwaiti police arrested a military officer who used his position to rape Asian maids and threatening them of deportation if they report the crime, a newspaper in the Gulf emirate reported on Wednesday. (Emirates)

Maid raped by two men in Saudi “was found in very bad condition”

Two men kidnapped an Asian housemaid and raped her in a deserted place before they were seized by the police, Kabar newspaper said on Wednesday.  The maid’s employer told the police in Riyadh that he saw two unknown men in a car passing near his house before snatching the maid, it said.

“Police later found the car and arrested the two Saudi men, who took turns in raping the maid…the maid was found in a very bad condition.” (Emirates)

Pictured are contracted sex slaves by  prince Jefri of Brunei

Saudi Arabia has long been involved in purchasing sex slaves. Up until recently, most of these slaves were purchased in Africa. With the advent of oil wealth the Saudi princes have been able to extend their slave purchases throughout the world. This has enabled the Saudi princes to become more selective and specialized in their tastes for slaves. The Saud family continue to be the prime purchasers on the international slave trade and are known as high end buyers. The Saudi Arabian Government continues to refuse to sign the United Nations treaties on slavery or other human rights issues because they do not want to be subject to their provisions. They will not sign extradition treaties even with Washington. They constantly declare they are free of slavery but will not allow international scrutiny.

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  1. If America would just drill for her own oil and gas, instead of sending these perverts billions of dollars for imports, we could put them out of business

  2. Sri Lanka maid kept as slave for 17 years in Saudi Arabia


    The Sri Lanka Emabassy in Riyadh has rescued a lanka house maid that has been kept slave by her employer for 17 years , paying no salary and preventing her from communicating with her relatives back home. Local Saudi papers have reported that this is one of the many cases of notorious house maid market in Saudi Arabia .
    The maid , Kusuma Nandini, 56, came to Riyadh in 1994 from Sri Lanka and was kept in the house of her sponsor for 15 years before she was transferred to the house of the brother of the employer who kept her for another 2 years but paid her meagre salary.
    The case was discovered after the daughter of the maid who lives back home in Sri Lanka informed the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry that her family had not been in contact with her mother for 17 years.
    Sunil Wijesinghe, labor welfare officer at the Sri Lankan Embassy said that the case is being raised with the concerned Saudi authorities to release the maid and pay the outstanding salary of SR54,000.
    The report added that the maid does not have a passport or a residence permit to prove that she was working in the country.

  3. UK: Muslim woman convicted of slavery

    Slavery is taken for granted in the Qur’an, so Saeeda Khan probably didn’t see anything wrong with what she was doing at all.

    “Brit-Muslim woman convicted of trafficking woman she used as slave,” from ANI, March 17 (thanks to JW):

    London, Mar 17 : A former hospital director in Britain has been convicted of trafficking a woman from Tanzania and using her as a “slave”.
    Saeeda Khan had brought Mwanahamisi Mruke, 47, to the UK with the promise of a domestic service visa, 120,000 Tanzanian shillings a month (50 pounds), and also 10 pounds a month pocket money.

    Mruke, who was desperate to fund her daughter Zakia’s college education, agreed.

    But when she arrived in Britain in October 2006, Mruke was forced by Khan to work around the clock and sleep on the kitchen floor of her home in Harrow, London, for the next three years.

    Mruke was fed just two slices of bread a day, ordered around by a bell, which her captor kept in her bedroom, and prohibited from leaving the house.

    Her passport was also taken away, and Khan made threats about her relatives in Tanzania, and although the payment arrangements were initially honoured, Khan stopped paying Mruke after one year.

    The jury at Southwark crown court found Khan guilty of trafficking a person into the UK for exploitation.

    She was sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay 15,000 pounds towards police and prosecution costs, plus 25,000 pounds compensation to Mruke.

    Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC said Khan had told “a pack of lies” during the trial.

    “Your behaviour was callous and greedy,” the Guardian quoted him as saying.

    Speaking after she was convicted, Mruke said she would “never forgive” the person who had imprisoned her.

    “I felt like a fool, I was treated like a slave. Even the money I was promised, I was never paid. I feel terrible about this,” she stated….

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