Melanie Phillips on Israeli TV: The Israelis have lost the narrative

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Willary Clitman Watch:

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton strongly criticized Israel for the demolition of a vacant but historic hotel  (historic WTF? What’s historic here is that the land is owned by a Jew and there is no reason he should not be able to build on it for Jews.) in an Arab neighborhood of east Jerusalem, saying that the move undermines US efforts to restart stalled peace talks. (J’Post)


(Reuters) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the shooter who attacked Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords an “extremist,” and said people worldwide should reject radical ideologies.

Do you get it?  People like  Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are just like the Islamic clerics who preach jihad and hatred for Jews and Christians on Arab TV.

Great job, Hillary, comparing a random lunatic to organized Islamic terrorists.

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9 thoughts on “Melanie Phillips on Israeli TV: The Israelis have lost the narrative”

  1. Melanie, you go girl! Melanie Phillips seems to have a handle on the problem. Israel is lousy at verbal self – defense and selling herself. Hasbara is almost non-existent. For such intelligent people this boggles the mind. Come on Israel, you are capable of beating the Arabs at their own game, you simply have to want to.

  2. “The government must consider afresh a policy of zero tolerance, exert a heavy price, not let this situation deteriorate,” National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau told journalists at the weekly cabinet meeting.

    When you’re an Israeli named Uzi, people should stop and listen….

    I did my part and bought one many years ago.

  3. Melanie Phillips is, in fact, completely amazing. Such a brave and intelligent lady. I’ve just been reading a great article by her in The Daily Mail, where she gets the recent muslim pedo grooming case spot -on:

    “…..Barnardo’s won’t even discuss the cultural background of such criminals. The Home Office refuses to collect such statistics. And, of course, the Guardianistas condemn any such analysis as ‘racialising crime’.

    Actually, there is more than a grain of truth in that particular criticism. For this is certainly not a racial issue. Indeed, one of the many red herrings in this debate is that – if cultural characteristics are discussed at all – the gangs tend to be described as ‘Asian’.

    But this is to besmirch Sikhs, Hindus, ­Chinese and other Asians. For these ­particular gang members are overwhelmingly Muslim men. And the common ­characteristic is not ethnicity, but religion.

    For these gang members select their victims from communities which they believe to be ‘unbelievers’ — non-Muslims whom they view with disdain and hostility.

    You can see that this is not a racial but a religious animosity from the fact that, while the vast majority of the girls who are targeted are white, the victims include Sikhs and Hindus, too.”

  4. Israel stands between the Arab conquest of the West. Unless they defeat Israel, these muslim bastards cannot come near us. Although America has a muslim president, he cannot do what he would like to do else he will be taken down.
    Israel must take out Iran and blow them to smitherings with or without America and the rest of the ass licking politicians that we unfortunately have in the West.
    Our Politicians in Australia must act soon and send every boat laden with muslim terrorists to the bottom of the sea. Gillard had the Papua New Guineans (150) of them sent home saying that we have a immigration office in their country. Do the same to all, you stupid biatch.

  5. * Unless they defeat Israel

    They cannot and will not. It will be a burdensome stone, a cup of delusions, but the God of Israel will stop them, dead if necessary.

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