Milan: Dhimmi Copts Turn Nasty on Jews

The Growing Worldwide Persecution of Christians (GoV)

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says that the attacks on Christians in Iraq, Egypt, and other countries constitute “religious cleansing”.  In spite of it,  Europe Shows Disregard for the Killing of Christians in Muslim occupied lands.

Cutting their own throats: Copts rally in Italy turns against Israel supporters

Can’t be seen with Jews, that would inflame the soldiers of the ‘Religion of Peace’.

Feeding the crocodile in the hope it eats you last: enraged Copts turn on Jews who supported their rally….

Pamela Geller has posted a disturbing letter from an Atlas Shrugs reader in Milan:

Today January 9th 2011 in the Duomo Square, Milano, Italy, a rally was held by the Copts of Milano along with some supporting Italian organizations; among them there were the Northen Ligue, the “Amo l’Italia – I love Italy”, Magdi Allam’s party, and ADI (Amici di Israele – Friends of Israel).Near the end of the gathering, the people from ADI put on their shoulders the Israeli flag. The Copts reacted violently refusing the presence of the Israeli flags. The police had to intervene to separate them and oblige the ADI people to leave the gathering.

You can see the pictures of the event here:

Being a friend of Maurizio Turchet, the photographer, I am in picture # 13, with a Citrali hat (the hat used by Osama bin Laden!) that I bought in Peshawar!

I think it’s really madness for a persecuted minority to behave like racists towards other minorities which support them, only because they can do it. What a pity!

Indeed. Historically, Islamic supremacist masters did their best to sow discord among different dhimmi communities, keeping them apart and at odds with one another, but those communities today only work against their own best interests by refusing to ally together. Bat Ye’or spoke the truth when she called upon the historical dhimmi groups — primarily Jews and Christians — to recognize that the jihad targets them for the same oppression and subjugation and to work together to resist that jihad.

In the same spirit, I have long called for an alliance of all those whose conversion, subjugation, or death is envisioned by the adherents of Sharia. We should stand together as Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, secularists, and resist those who would kill us or subject us to institutionalized discrimination. And while some Middle Eastern Christian leaders remain mired in antisemitism and dhimmi attitudes of intellectual and political subservience, others are breaking out of it.

Not all Copts are antisemitic: in mid-December several fiercely pro-Israel Zionists spoke at the Voice of the Copts’ International Human Rights Day conference in Washington — including Pamela Geller and me. Those who continue in antisemitic attitudes, like those at this rally in Milan, are not only working against the interests of their own community, but also against justice and truth.

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  1. The comment above regarding ripping our friends apart is exactly what I am trying to express. We need to support one another. I was surprised to see that the Copts had found their voice, but when you have been persecuted by tyrants for 1200 years I can see patience can run out. Hope they come to their sences soon.

  2. They wont’t Cathy – being irrational is part of being an Arab – and they are probably scared that the muslims in Egypt will kill their families..

    The two French lads who died in Niger yesterday were murdered by the muslim scum who kidnapped them. As usual the muslim majority plays Ostrich and pretends that they are world leaders in everything.

  3. * Feeding the crocodile in the hope it eats you last: enraged Copts turn on Jews who supported their rally….

    Not even sure that is true. 9 years on from “9/11”, the messages about “worshipping the same god”, “three great Abrahamic faiths” and “islam is peace but hijacked by evildoers with nothing to do with islam” have reduced the crocodile to some sort of benign sleepy lizard or garden gecko. Every time the crocodile snaps, the zookeepers play the ‘islam is peace” recording, accusing anyone not lulled into submission of being “islamophobes”, “right wing extremists” and the like.

  4. Meh people turning on Jews is nothing. Having served in the ADF and I call Australia my home and my love, ‘my own’ people still treat me with hostility. Wear a kippah sometime and see for yourself.

    Best looks come when i’m wearing my gongs and a kippah on ANZAC day, sad really. So this story is nothing new to me.

  5. There is no excuse; none whatsoever! It’s happening in the Western State Churches, such as the RCC and the Protestant High Churches (not as blatantly as the Copts)…but the trend is there for everyone to see.

    My guess is that these groups are more likely going to become closer to the Islamic view as they continue to compromise Scripture.

  6. Sorry Ironside. I wear my medals on Anzac day but I dont wear a sporran because I left that shit behind 150 years ago

  7. Ranga,
    Kippah represents my religious belief, just like how Christians wear a crucifix. Since when does a sporran represent religious view/s?

    Typical response though, i’m all too used to it.

  8. How long before Anzac Day is no longer celebrated for not being “inclusive”, and causing “hurt feelings”?

  9. Coptic leader condemns antisemitism among Copts, calls for united Jewish/Christian anti-jihad front

    For years at Jihad Watch I’ve called for a united front against the jihad and Islamic supremacism — a united front of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, secularists, and anyone who is targeted by the jihadists. I’ve also frequently noted the lamentable tendency of Middle Eastern Christians to echo, in true dhimmi fashion, the paranoid and venomous antisemitism of Islamic supremacists. As such, I welcome this statement. Background on the Milan rally that Ramelah mentions here.

    Statement by Ashraf Ramelah
    President, Voice of the Copts
    Public demonstration of Copts on January 9, 2011 in Milan, Italy

    We are appalled at the Copts’ rejection of fellow protesters who were draped in the Israeli national flag as a show of solidarity with Israel and the Jews.

    We strongly condemn the actions of those Coptic Christians (mostly immigrants living in Italy) against the Italian citizens who joined them for the same fight against a common enemy.

    This display of anti-Semitism has no place in our struggle for freedom in the world today.

    Voice of the Copts stands together with the Jews of Israel and Jews around the world to confront the vicious attacks stemming from a religious and political ideology aimed against each and every one of us who are non-Muslim.

    Furthermore, as Christians we stand upon the Biblical precept that we are grafted into the promises of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a legacy which serves as the basis of our support of the Jews and their inheritance, and we join with them in their suffering.

    Those of us who live in Egypt or have loved ones there may in fear or ignorance act out against the Jews, but these sentiments are in no way right or acceptable and will surely lead to devastating results for Copts, politically and religiously.

    In addition, as Israel is a sovereign state recognized by the entire world, including the Egyptian regime, Copts have a choice to either align themselves with Islamic hatred or to align themselves with the official stance of their government. There is absolutely no justification for the former, for even if this position actually serves to reduce the Islamic bomb attacks, shootings and kidnappings which take place regularly against Copts, which it clearly does not, it is unconscionable.

    We thank God for Israel, the one free democratic country within the Middle East. We pray for their prosperity and safe-keeping. May America and European countries continue to support and strengthen Israel!

    Dottore Architetto Ashraf Ramelah

  10. Egyptian bishop: Train shooter yelled “Allahu akbar!” as he fired

    A correspondent for Al-Jazeera observes, “there will be many questions whether the Salamut attack has religious roots.”

    (Here on WoJ we have the answers.)

    A gunman shouting “Allahu akbar” and checking wrists for Coptic cross tattoos will tend to raise questions like that. “Cairo protests against the Vatican. Another Christian killed and five wounded,” from AsiaNews, January 12:

    Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies via JW) – The very day Egypt recalls its ambassador to the Holy See over the Pope’s declarations of solidarity with Copts, another attack, in all likelihood inspired by Islamic fundamentalism, has resulted in on Christian dead and five people wounded in the land of the Pyramids. Yesterday Cairo recalled its ambassador for consultations. The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hossam Zaki, said that the recall is the result of “new statements by the Vatican that affect the internal affairs of Egypt, and that Egypt considers an unacceptable interference in its internal affairs.” A Vatican source told Agence France Presse that the move “does not constitute a break in diplomatic relations.”
    He called for the protection of the Copts. Egypt has certainly paid lip service to doing just that, so he has not called for anything they don’t claim to be doing. All he did was dare to state the obvious: that all is not well.

    In a statement, the Vatican said it “fully supports” the will of the Egyptian government to “avoid an escalation of tensions for religious reasons … and appreciates the governments efforts in this direction.” The statement follows a meeting between the Vatican’s “foreign minister”, Msgr. Dominique Mamberti, and the Egyptian ambassador, Lamia Aly Hamada Mekhemar, who in turn said she was “expressing the concerns of his government in this difficult time.” The Vatican press release concludes by saying that during his meeting with Msgr. Mamberti Mrs. Mekhemar “receive dinformation and gather necessary details to be able to report the Pope’s recent intervention, particularly on religious freedom and protection of Christians in the Middle East, properly.”
    Meanwhile, another serious incident occurred on the railway line linking Cairo to Assiut. A police officer, Amer Abdel Zaher Ashur, took the train to Salamut, about 200 km south of Cairo, and opened fire with his police weapon. He killed a 71 year old Coptic Christian, Fathi Said Ebeid, and wounded his wife of 61 and four others. Medical sources say that all the wounded, two of them in serious condition, are Christians. A police officer who was not in uniform tried to flee but was arrested in the station. He was questioned about the motives for his attack, but the investigators are maintaining secrecy on the outcome of the interview. Ayman Mohyeldin, Cairo correspondent for Al Jazeera, said that the authorities do not seem eager to disclose the reasons for the attack. “The bombing of Alexandria is on everyone’s mind. There will be many questions whether the Salamut attack has religious roots. ”
    Bishop Morcos, bishop of the Coptic Church in Salamut, claims to have spoken to some witnesses of the attack. “This madman went back and forth on the train looking for Christians. Seeing a group of women and girls who were not wearing a veil, he thought they were Christian and fired, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great). ” Following a few hundred Copts gathered in front of the Good Shepherd Hospital in Salamut, where the injured are hospitalized, and clashed with police, who responded with tear gas.

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