Mudsharks never let a good crisis go to waste

Tim Blair offers some Before and after – Brisbane’s new post-deluge look, plus the most compelling and historical shots from around Queensland earlier this week.

Councillor Paul Tully from the Ipswich suburb, located to the west of Brisbane, said local man Steve Bateman had spotted a shark swimming around shops this morning. (Source SMH)

Bobby Brown smells blood, pounces:

Greens leader huckster Bob Brown says the coal mining industry should foot the bill for the Queensland floods because it helped cause them … Greens leader says blaming Queensland coal companies for floods …

Condemnation for Saint Bob:

Minerals Council of Australia deputy chief Brendan Pearson accused Senator Brown of “rank opportunism”, unworthy of a serious political leader.

Tim Blair gives him the shoe….

On current estimates, the floods may result in damage worth $13 billion.

WoJ reader Western Feminista wonders:  

I am wondering how long it will take to hear from our “Global Neighbours” with regards to some reciprocal assistance for the flooding in Queensland…

In light of Foreign minister KRudds generosity, what can we expect? Back in September, in a two-and-a-half minute address, he said that Australia had lifted its aid contribution to $75 million, making it the world’s fifth largest donor to the Pakistan flood appeal.

But the Pakis used the money to boost their defense budget.

Then there’s a few billion in aid we gave to Indonesia, some of that might come in handy now.  How come we haven’t heard from them at all? Kevvy? Joooolia?

The police goes (muff-) diving too:

Of course, some people go green just for the sex with an undercover policeman:  Why secret policemen love the greens

An undercover policeman who spent seven years living as an environmental activist has claimed that at least 15 other agents had infiltrated the movement and disclosed that sexual entanglements with them were commonplace…

Free Speech Needs Chains:

A madman angry about bad grammar and “conscience dreaming” shoots 19 people, which is all the excuse Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins need to demand more curbs on free speech – especially on the speech of those who don’t share his Leftist ideology:

Language that might not disturb a balanced mind can clearly stimulate and legitimise an unbalanced one... Free speech cannot exist without chains.

4 thoughts on “Mudsharks never let a good crisis go to waste”

  1. Ipswich is a City in its own right and it has suburbs, it has nothing to do with Brisbane.

    Sorry to be a pedant, but I’m tired of misreporting about the floods and flood areas.

    The Lockyer Valley is a region, not a town, just a bit of extra information for good measure.

  2. Good point Kae,
    However a better one is this:
    It appears that the experts predicted events a couple of hours before the Lockyer valley was hit. As with the tsunami some years ago dissemination of information to the affected commnities/regions failed. This needs to be improved.

    RI donates US$1 million in aid to Australia

    The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Wed, 01/12/2011 10:33 PM | World
    Indonesia donated $1 million to flood survivors in Queensland, Australia, Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said on Wednesday.

    “Yesterday, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono decided that Indonesia would donate as much as $1 million to Australia,” Marty was quoted by Antara.

    He said he contacted Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd regarding the donation on Wednesday morning.

    “This is one of the ways we care for each other,” he said, adding that Australia often donated when Indonesia suffered tsunamis and earthquakes.

    Australia is currently experiencing its worst flooding in 50 years. Ten people were confirmed dead, and 78 people were reported missing in the southeast part of Queensland.

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